Velipojë Protected Landscape

Joint planning for protected areas

The first quarter of 2012 saw the first phase of the preparation of the management plans for the Buna River and Surrounding Wetlands Protected Landscape, and the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park in the framework of a project led by IUCN in Albania. …  

12 Apr 2012 | News story

Crossing Borders for Nature cover (Macedonian)

Crossing borders for nature: now available in Albanian and Macedonian

European examples of transboundary conservation …  

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Closing event participants

CSOs ready to take action

At the end of 2011 participants of two-day seminar that closed the Building Capacities on EU nature policies project, shared their views and main findings related to the action of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and drew their way forward. The second day was dedicated to information sharing on funding opportunities enabling implementation of nature protection in the region. …  

23 Jan 2012 | News story

Pinus heldrachii gjallice, Albania

IUCN welcomes a new NGO member in South Eastern Europe

IUCN welcomes a new NGO member in South Eastern Europe: Preservation and Protection of Natural Environment in Albania (PPNEA). Its membership application was approved during the 77th Meeting of IUCN Council. …  

19 Jan 2012 | News story

Study tour, Bulgaria

Pre-accession action crucial for nature

Experts from FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia received practical guidance and shared experiences with their Bulgarian colleagues on the implementation of the EU nature legislation, during a study tour that took place last December. …  

11 Jan 2012 | News story

BIOM logo

IUCN welcomes Association BIOM as its new member

IUCN’s network in SEE is now strengthened by a new NGO member, Association for Biological Research - BIOM. Its membership application was approved during the 77th Meeting of the IUCN Council. …  

11 Jan 2012 | News story

Project inauguration, Seminar 21 December 2011

Nature protection policies and funding opportunities

Building capacities for conservation action project was opened by one-day seminar that shed light on key conservation policies and funding sources in Serbia and Montenegro, facilitating the dialogue between the donor community and potential recipients. It was organized by IUCN on 21 December in Belgrade, and gathered a multitude of state agencies and civil society organizations (CSOs) working in the field of nature conservation in Serbia and Montenegro. …  

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Workshop participants

Setting national biodiversity targets in Central and Eastern Europe

A regional workshop on updating national Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plans (NBSAPs) for Central and Eastern European countries has been held between 5-8 December in Minsk, Belarus. The workshop, organized by the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD) with financial support from the Government of Japan in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus, brought together representatives of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Georgia, Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Serbia, Turkmenistan and Ukraine, with participation of international organizations and NGOs such as CMS, UNDP, IUCN, and WWF. …  

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From left to right, Ms. Dimovic WWFDCP, Mr. Tomic NP Tara, Mr. Milojevic RIPCHNH, Ms. Ferdinandova IUCN, Mr. Porej WWFMedPo

Partnership for Transboundary Biosphere Reserve Drina

Partnership between the National Park Tara from Serbia and the Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage Banja Luka from Bosnia and Herzegovina was formally announced on 16 November 2011. …  

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Interview with Andrea Ghiurghi

Andrea Ghiurghi is the project manager of the project IUCN has recently launched in Albania with the support from the Italian government. …  

25 Nov 2011 | News story
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