French Guiana is home to unparalleled biodiversity. It hosts unique ecosystems which are among the richest and most fragile in the world: primary tropical forests, mangroves, savannahs, and numerous types of wetland area.

With 83.1% of its territory covered by equatorial rainforest, French Guiana is home to the largest forest in France.

No less than 5,750 plant species, 718 species of birds, 183 species of mammals, 480 species of freshwater fish and 108 species of amphibians have been inventoried in French Guiana. It is likely that the diversity of invertebrates is 10 times greater than that of mainland France. Some 92% of French Guiana’s coastline and all the banks of its estuaries are covered in mangroves which provide shelter to very distinctive fauna and flora, as well as nesting and feeding sites for a large number of birds.

Five species of marine turtle are also found in the waters, and on the beaches, of French Guiana. Awala-Yalimapo beach is the most important breeding ground in the world for the Leatherback Turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), the largest of the marine turtle species. Read more