New Caledonia reefs

Pacific Islands make their plea for Climate action

At the 44th Meeting of the Pacific Islands Forum held this September, efforts towards tackling climate change have been given a new lease of life with the adoption of the Majuro Declaration. The agreement underlines the need for urgent action and also aims to help build momentum towards ensuring a “universal, ambitious and legally-binding climate change agreement by 2015”. …  

10 Sep 2013 | Article
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Lionfish are voracious predators from the Indo-Pacific region but they have become an ecological problem in the Caribbean where there are no natural predators. They have bred here at an astonishing rate and pose a threat to local fisheries and ecosystems

European Commission move to tackle invasive species a good start but more needed

The new legislative proposal released yesterday by the European Commission aims to ensure coordinated action at the EU level to curb the impacts of invasive alien species. IUCN, uniting some of the leading experts on this subject in Europe, welcomes the new proposal but highlights some concerns.  …  

10 Sep 2013 | News story
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New Caledonia Reefs from the air

Pacific Plan annual report shows progress on sustainable development

In the recently published Pacific Plan Annual Progress Report 2013, a number of issues related to the region’s efforts to develop sustainably have been reported on. Some of the highlights include: the legislative and regulatory framework for Deep Sea Minerals that has been endorsed by all 15 Pacific ACP states; the development of MPAs in the region, including New Caledonia’s desire to implement a conservation area to link up with that of Australia; and increased collaboration amongst Pacific states to combat IUU fishing.     …  

27 Aug 2013 | Article
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The endemic Henderson fruit dove

Henderson Island newsletter and update on rat eradication

The Henderson Island July newsletter is now available. The newsletter is produced by the RSPB and documents the most recent update on the outcome of their 2011 eradication attempt, some of the benefits for the endemic Henderson Island wildlife, and an outline of RSPB’s approach over the coming months to restore Henderson Island. …  

26 Jul 2013 | Article
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Southern sting ray swimming off the island of Grand Turk in the Caribbean

Key initiatives build bridges for protected areas management in the Caribbean

Regional meetings of two major initiatives focused on protected areas management and biodiversity conservation in the Caribbean have provided space for BIOPAMA to strengthen its position in the region, as well as continue capacity building efforts at the multi-stakeholder level. …  

25 Jul 2013 | Article


Call for Island Bright Spot recommendations

Ahead of the 3rd International Marine Protected Areas Congress, IUCN and the Global Island Partnership are calling for Island Bright Spot recommendations - projects, programs, policies or initiatives at any level that are making a difference in advancing conservation and sustainable livelihoods for islands across the world. 

10 Jul 2013 | Article
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The Deputy Premier Dr. Pickering (centre) is flanked by François Simard of IUCN and Jacques Trouvilliez of the Ministère de l'écologie

BVI Deputy Premier commits to Protected Areas

At an event in the European Parliament that was hosted by MEP Maurice Ponga and jointly organised by IUCN and EBCD, the Deputy Premier of the British Virgin Islands has reaffirmed the island’s commitment to implementing protected areas and their goal to protect 33% of the marine, coastal and terrestrial environment of the territory. 

06 Jul 2013 | Article
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Cultural mapping and policy for Wallis and Futuna underway

Wallis and Futuna, the two islands that together form a single country in the heart of the Pacific, have begun a process of cultural mapping to work towards developing a cultural policy in which agricultural and environmental traditional knowledge and conservation will play a central role. …  

02 Jul 2013 | Article
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 Photograph of some of the participants at the workshop

Saint Martin addresses sustainable tourism

How does an island with 100 000 inhabitants welcome 2 million tourists a year without damaging its biodiversity? This was the key question that the island of Saint Martin looked to address during a recent three day workshop on sustainable tourism and MPAs.   …  

21 Jun 2013 | Article
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Manta ray, Mayotte

Mayotte: yet to be recognized exceptional biodiversity

The French overseas department of Mayotte is located in the biogeographical area of the Comoros Archipelago, at the heart of the Mozambique Channel and close to Madagascar. Mayotte hosts a variety of land and marine tropical ecosystems which are of major ecological value, despite significant landscape changes due to the exploitation of first sugar cane and later rice. Read more about Mayotte in the new Country Focus. …  

20 Jun 2013 | News story
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