European councillor candidates

IUCN Members will elect a new Council for the 2013-2016 term at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Three Councillors will be elected for each region. Below are the European candidates for Regional Councillor.

Election schedule: 

Tuesday 11 September: 10:10 – 10:30 - Presentation of five candidates from East Europe and North and Central Asia, followed by voting for the three Councillors.

Wednesday 12 September: 12:30 – 13:00 - Presentation of six candidates from West Europe, followed by voting for the three Councillors.

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Amirkhan Amirkhanov

Amirkhan Amirkhanov, Russia

I am privileged to have been engaged with such a unique organization as IUCN for more than 19 years. In 1993 I took part in negotiations with IUCN for increasing IUCN activities in the Region. From 1994 to 2000 I was twice elected as IUCN Regional Councillor. If I am elected for the second term as IUCN Regional Councillor I will continue to advance the Vision of IUCN, its One Programme Approach throughout the world, with particular emphasis on the statutory region.

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Michael Hošek

Michael Hošek, Czech Republic

I see IUCN as a strong organization that uses its excellent scientific background with no need to further strengthen expert activities. Based on my experience from the Czech Republic and all Europe, I currently consider communication as the most challenging point, both within the community of Members and with the public.

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Tamás Marghescu

Tamás Marghescu, Hungary

 ”At home” means everywhere where life has taken me. I stand for election as Regional Councillor, because friends all over the world have encouraged me to do so. I know IUCN inside out, for I had the privilege to serve for 8 years as IUCN Regional Director for Pan Europe and represent the interests of all regions as a member of the IUCN Executive Management Group during 2 years.

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Tamar Pataridze

Tamar Pataridze, Georgia

My name is Tamar Pataridze and I am running for Regional Councillor for Eastern Europe, North and Central Asia at IUCN. Hereby, I would like to invite you to support my candidacy and share my ambition to make our world better. The latter definitely is not an easy task but based on examples of the world’s great achievements - ambitious objectives are small steps that, if taken will lead to accomplishment of an overall goal.

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Miklós Persányi

Miklós Persányi, Hungary

Miklós Persányi served as the President of the COP 9 of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2003/2004. He sat on the EU Environmental Ministers’ Council, and the UNEP Governing Council. He also served as elected Chairman of the 300 member strong European Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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West Europe canditates


Roger Crofts

Roger Crofts, United Kingdom

Environment is too far down political and personal agendas. IUCN needs to fight the conservation cause better on major issues and interact more effectively with protagonists with totally different perspectives. IUCN should use its advocacy capability, knowledge networks and key tools to influence agendas at all levels.

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Hans de Iongh

Hans de Iongh, The Netherlands

I intend to build on the achievements of the present Council for improving policy and governance within the Union, in which I have played a very active role as a Regional Councillor for West Europe. I intend to fulfil my Regional Councillorship in close communication with the Regional and National Committees and individual IUCN Members in my region and globally.

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Jonathan Hughes

Jonathan Hughes, United Kingdom

Big ideas don’t always result in big changes. My focus as an IUCN Regional Councillor will be to ensure that the best ideas from IUCN Members are not just shared, but put into practice on the ground. My career in conservation has always been about pioneering ideas and the application of these so they result in real change for nature. It is my ability to turn theory into reality which, I believe, will be a real asset to IUCN in Europe, and the IUCN Council.

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Nilufer - Turkey

Nilufer Oral, Turkey

I have been an active member of the Commission on Environmental Law and Co-Chair of the Specialist Group on Oceans, Coasts and Coral Reefs of the IUCN Commission on Environmental Law since 2006. My activities have included working on governance issues with the IUCN Mediterranean Center and the Global Marine Programme.

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Despina Symons Pirovolidou

Despina Symons Pirovolidou, Greece

Despina Symons has acquired deep knowledge and experience of EU environmental policies and procedures and has an extensive network of contacts, encompassing senior environmental policy makers and other stakeholders.

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Marina Von Weissenberg

Marina von Weissenberg, Finland

I serve as the IUCN Regional Councillor for West Europe and the National Focal Point for the Convention on Biological Diversity in Finland. I have worked at the Ministry of the Environment for the last 18 years as an expert in policy and biodiversity.

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