European activities

This page features workshops and other activities organized by IUCN European Members, Committees, Commissions and Secretariat during the Congress and will be updated every week with new information between now and the IUCN Congress.

What's new on the European agenda?
The Meeting for West Europe and East Europe, North and Central Asia will be held on 8 September in the Tamna, the main hall of the Jeju International Convention Centre from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm. Click here to download the draft agenda.

Here are a few ways Members, Committees, Commissions and Secretariat will be involved:

  • Knowledge Cafés: These small group sessions are designed to give participants the opportunity to share observations and experiences on the most challenging conservation issues.
  • Workshops: Two hour practical sessions utilizing solution-based approaches to conservation work will incorporate interactive techniques such as simulations of real situations to enable participants to learn from each other and openly share knowledge.
  • Conservation Campus: These extended and intensive training-based learning modules cover a variety of topics in IUCN's vast knowledge base.
  • Posters: Stroll around the posters on display for visual, concise renderings on conservation.

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Birds on a wire

KNOWLEDGE CAFÉ: Future pressures and opportunities for conservation: what can be moved and where?

IUCN´s 1998 Guidelines for Reintroduction are a globally applied set of principles available in 7 languages. Despite their worldwide use and application, the guidelines need updating to reflect recent and acute new pressures on species. This is necessary to better guide the deliberate translocations of plants and animals for conservation purposes. This Knowledge Café will be participatory in order to share expertise on the communication and implementation of complex policy and practice recommendations. …  

01 Aug 2012 | Event
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A jaguar close up in Quito Zoo, Ecuador

KNOWLEDGE CAFÉ: Zoos, aquariums and museums can develop better biodiversity consciousness

We live in a changing world and the time is now to join forces in order to stop the decline of biodiversity which all humans, animals and nature rely on. This workshop will convey the benefits of linking the zoological and conservation communities together. …  

01 Aug 2012 | Event
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White sandy beach, Mango Island

WORKSHOP: Reducing Environmental Risks naturally - Guidance for IUCN´s Disaster Risk Reduction

Since 2006, IUCN’s Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM) has actively raised awareness about the role of ecosystems, or natural infrastructure, as a cost-effective strategy for reducing the magnitude of hazard events and protecting livelihoods. This interactive workshop will bring together practitioners from across IUCN, members and partners with experience in integrating Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) with ecosystem management. …  

27 Jul 2012 | Event
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Rocky desert

WORKSHOP: Contribution of geoconservation to nature resilience

Geodiversity underpins biodiversity. The conservation of geodiversity and geological heritage helps combat species loss and improves ecosystem integrity. In this round table session, the European Association for Conservation of Geological Heritage (ProGEO) will attempt to increase the incorporation of the abiotic processes of nature into conservation efforts. …  

25 Jul 2012 | Event
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Sahel crops where woodland has been cleared for farming, Diourbel region, Senegal

WORKSHOP: What constitutes a resilient food system?

The rising demand for food, occurring against a backdrop of population growth and global environmental change is challenging the resilience of food systems worldwide. Pressures to produce more food will increase as the planet gets closer to its tipping point which may transform natural systems in ways that are undesirable for humans. This workshop will present two solutions to the food crisis. …  

19 Jul 2012 | Event
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Gorilla at Virunga National Park, DRC

KNOWLEDGE CAFE: Towards a collaborative partnership on sustainable wildlife management

This session focuses on how individual organizations can more effectively fight the negative effects of bushmeat hunting and will highlight the benefits of sustainable wildlife use to local communities and national economies. …  

12 Jul 2012 | Event
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Grass and Algae

WORKSHOP: Peatland restoration: a nature-based solution to climate change

This workshop will share new conclusions, recommendations and outcomes from the IUCN National Committee for the UK Peatland Programme and discuss with participants how these can be utilized by countries and regions around the world. The findings from a major two year long Commission of Inquiry on peatlands in the UK will be presented in order to facilitate the exchange of key information between participants as they share their own research and experience of peatland restoration practice and policy. …  

12 Jul 2012 | Event
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Virgin Komi Forests, Russian Federation

POSTER: Conserving biodiversity across 1/9th of the Earth

WWF-Russia joined together with more than 300 specialists to carry out a gap-analysis of existing Federal Protected Areas of the Russian Federation. This analysis is the first of its kind for Russia. The poster showcases the contribution of Russia’s protected areas to the conservation of many important species. …  

06 Jul 2012 | Event
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POSTER: A novel fire restoration tool for Natura 2000 site Mount Attavyros, Greece

This poster will present the "Fire restoration methodology for Mediterranean forests: environmental safety and sustainability of four interventions in the Rhodes NATURA 2000 site, FRAMME" project. This project was developed to close the contemporary scientific knowledge gaps in management and restoration practices for fire affected Mediterranean forests. …  

06 Jul 2012 | Event
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Eastern European Green Belt

EVENT: Sharing benefits and values from transboundary conservation

Transboundary conservation is an essential, cross-cutting theme with varying levels of importance across time and regions. This workshop will present key achievements and approaches in transboundary conservation from selected regions in order to help share knowledge, experience, solutions, and advance global transboundary conservation practice. …  

02 Jul 2012 | Event
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