European activities

This page features workshops and other activities organized by IUCN European Members, Committees, Commissions and Secretariat during the Congress and will be updated every week with new information between now and the IUCN Congress.

What's new on the European agenda?
The Meeting for West Europe and East Europe, North and Central Asia will be held on 8 September in the Tamna, the main hall of the Jeju International Convention Centre from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm. Click here to download the draft agenda.

Here are a few ways Members, Committees, Commissions and Secretariat will be involved:

  • Knowledge Cafés: These small group sessions are designed to give participants the opportunity to share observations and experiences on the most challenging conservation issues.
  • Workshops: Two hour practical sessions utilizing solution-based approaches to conservation work will incorporate interactive techniques such as simulations of real situations to enable participants to learn from each other and openly share knowledge.
  • Conservation Campus: These extended and intensive training-based learning modules cover a variety of topics in IUCN's vast knowledge base.
  • Posters: Stroll around the posters on display for visual, concise renderings on conservation.

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Landscape, Turkey

POSTER: Strategy and action plan on conservation of biodiversity in Turkey

This poster is a tribute to the successful efforts of Turkey in preserving the integrity of its natural assets despite increasing environmental challenges. To achieve this, Turkey has successfully developed and implemented formalized land-tenure systems, institutions for managing biological diversity and environmentally friendly cultural practices. …  

02 Jul 2012 | Event
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Tajikistan is the poorest country in Central Asia

POSTER: Establishing Yagnob Natural Ethnographic Park

The world is facing catastrophic extinctions of primeval nature and indigenous cultures due increasingly to human-induced impacts and the pressures of globalization. This poster showcases our efforts in promoting enhanced socio-economic development of the Yaghnob Valley situated in the mountains of Tajikistan. …  

27 Jun 2012 | Event
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Musk beetle (Aromia moschata) by Darkone

WORKSHOP: Leaders for Nature: a global network for joint action between business and conservation organizations

You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us. And the world will be as one. Imagine, by John Lennon. Now imagine a world perfectly balanced between people, planet and profit: a true green economy. This workshop is about bringing people, organizations, businesses, scientists, and NGOs together to shape a new way forward. …  

22 Jun 2012 | Event
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Building Biodiversity Business

WORKSHOP: Can biodiversity be a material issue for companies? Barriers, challenges and how to overcome them

This session will review and discuss the findings of a report produced by international accounting firm KPMG, The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants which is the UK professional body for accountants and Fauna & Flora International. The report examines the current response to the issue within the accounting profession, its regulators and standard setting bodies. …  

21 Jun 2012 | Event
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IUCN-Japan Chair, Masahito Yoshida (left) and IUCN's Naoya Furuta in Kaisho-no-mori Forest, Aichi Prefecture, Japan

WORKSHOP: Collaborating with local and sub-national authorities to achieve the Aichi targets

Currently, local and regional authorities rely on the expertise of the IUCN to implement the Aichi targets. This workshop will discuss how these local and sub-national authorities can better incorporate the expertise of the IUCN Secretariat, IUCN members, national and regional committees and experts. …  

15 Jun 2012 | Event
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Biofuels in a laboratory, La Jolla, United States

WORKSHOP: Heads and tails of agro fuels: environmental impact and food security in developing countries

The goals of this workshop is to analyze the pros and cons of agro fuel production and to promote a strategic work program aimed at minimizing negative impacts and supporting positive ones. Finding alternatives to traditional fuels is a problem that must be solved. Often the ends do not justify the means and the need for agro fuels has resulted in unsustainable uses of natural resources. …  

15 Jun 2012 | Event
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Bug River, Poland

POSTER: "Let´s talk about biodiversity" campaign

This poster presents an inspiring success story of international cooperation and will be presented by the European Biodiversity Observation Project BEAGLE for schools based on monitoring the phenology of trees across Europe. …  

08 Jun 2012 | Event
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Spinner dolphins in the Red Sea marine protected area (Egypt)

WORKSHOP: Standardizing the effective management of MPAs in Italy through ISEA

The Standardized Actions for the Effective Management of MPAs (ISEA) project aims to promote efficiency and effectiveness in the management of MPAs to strengthen the network of Italian Special Protected Areas of Mediterranean Importance (SPAMI) by ensuring each area meets the basic requirements called for under the Barcelona Convention. …  

08 Jun 2012 | Event
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CEM Steppe page

WORKSHOP: Understanding the key role of steppes in Kazakhstan’s biological diversity: moving forward with conservation and management

The overall intended outcome of this workshop is to support the development of best management and conservation practices of this ecologically important area. This 120 minute session is organized by the Commission on Ecosystem Management (CEM) and the Ecosystem Management Programme of IUCN. …  

31 May 2012 | Event
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Adapting to climate change

WORKSHOP: Making biodiversity conservation "Climate Smart": adapting approaches for a changing climate

The valuable role ecosystems play in helping people to adapt to climate change has been well championed, including by IUCN, but how do we ensure that ecosystems themselves are able to adapt to a changing climate? …  

30 May 2012 | Event
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