BiodivERsA Policy Brief #1 - RACE

BiodivERsA Policy Brief #1: Wildlife diseases on the increase

IUCN has partnered up with BiodivERsA to help translate the results of the projects funded by the network into a series of policy briefs targeted primarily to EU policy-makers. IUCN has worked closely with the BiodivERsA scientists and experts within the IUCN network to identify key recommendations for EU policy.  …  

02 Oct 2013 | Downloads - publication
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Publication "Invasive alien species: the urban dimension"

Invasive alien species: the urban dimension

Invasive alien species (IAS) pose a significant threat to biodiversity in Europe, and this threat is likely to increase in the future unless meaningful action is taken at all levels to control the introduction and establishment of these species and address those already introduced. IUCN has released a publication which compiles case studies from more than 15 European countries and beyond to showcase examples of concrete action at the urban level.  …  

28 Aug 2013 | Downloads - publication
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Cover of the publication "Mediterranean MPAs and climate change"

Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas and climate change

Climate change is likely to have drastic effects on the habitat of the Mediterranean flora and fauna, but its impacts will vary between Mediterranean regions and between marine protected areas (MPAs) within each region. This IUCN guide analyzes the threats and effects of climate change on Mediterranean marine biodiversity and provides MPA managers with tools to monitor and mitigate changes in their own MPA.   …   | French | Spanish

24 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication

IUCN-WWF cover MPA guide publication

Guide for quick evaluation of management in Mediterranean MPAs

According to a recent survey conducted by the MedPAN Association over 80 Mediterranean marine protected areas (MPA) more than half of them did not yet have a management plan for the sites and 75% of the Natura 2000 sites (in EU countries) still did not have a management body. In order to reinforce the effectiveness of Mediterranean marine protected areas and to achieve a more unified approach, the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation and WWF-Italy have worked in close collaboration with MPA managers to create an inclusive yet synthetic tool to assess MPA management. …   | French | Spanish

03 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication

Bursatella leachii, invasive species in the Mediterranean

A new strategy to fight sea invaders in the Mediterranean

As alien species from the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and beyond find new habitats in the Mediterranean, the new guide by the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation provides the clues to the most dangerous invasive marine fauna and flora and pinpoints towards best management options to control and eradicate them from marine protected areas.   | French | Spanish

14 Jun 2013 | Downloads - publication

URBES Fact sheet #3

URBES Fact sheet #3: Valuing ecosystem services in urban areas

This URBES factsheet explains what the values of ecosystem services are and provides examples of their benefits for cities. …  

31 May 2013 | Downloads - publication
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Fact Sheet on Malta's biodiversity

Nature at risk in the EU: National analysis of the European Red List

Which EU Member State hosts the highest proportion of species threatened at the European level? This series of Fact Sheets by IUCN presents the proportion of species which are threatened at the European level in each of the 27 Member States of the European Union (May 2013).   …  

02 May 2013 | Fact sheet


Integrating biodiversity and the value of ecosystem services into other sectors - Conference background paper

This paper was prepared by Sebastià Semene Guitart, Senior Coordinator for Europe, for the session on “Mainstreaming biodiversity across sectors” at the 6th Biodiversity in Europe Conference in Georgia, April 2013.   …  

01 May 2013 | Downloads - publication
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Griffon Vulture, Georgia

Cradle of the Caucasus

Vashlovani Protected Areas, Georgia …  

08 Mar 2013 | Fact sheet

URBES Fact sheet #2

URBES Fact sheet #2: Biodiversity and ecosystem services: the foundation for human health and well-being

Human beings are an integral and inseparable part of the natural world. Our existence and health ultimately depends on the integrity and functioning of ecosystems. This URBES factsheet presents research findings and policy recommendations which underline the value of biodiversity and ecosystem services in building and protecting physical and mental health. Within and around cities, green infrastructure is the network of green spaces and other environmental features, which sustains biodiversity and brings benefits to human health and well-being.  …  

31 Jan 2013 | Downloads - publication
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