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When conservation and borders coincide

A new publication by IUCN shows how transboundary conservation action in South-East Europe’s Dinaric Arc helps protect the region’s rich biodiversity and introduces an innovative tool which helps develop cross-border partnerships.  …  

19 Nov 2012 | Downloads - publication

La Méditerranée : un environnement marin côtier en mutation selon les scénarios sur l’évolution du climat

A changing Mediterranean coastal marine environment under predicted climate-change scenarios

A manager’s guide to understanding and addressing climate change impacts in marine protected areas …   | French | Arabic

19 Nov 2012 | Downloads - publication

Butrint Lagoon in Butrint National Park, Albania

A blue lagoon and Roman ruins

Butrinti National Park, Albania   …  

15 Nov 2012 | Fact sheet
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Business and the EU Biodiversity Strategy

The private sector has a crucial role to play in helping conserve biodiversity in the European Union. As major users of natural resources, businesses can have a large positive impact on the environment by reducing their footprint and adopting more biodiversity-friendly measures.  …  

11 Oct 2012 | Downloads - publication
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Tortoise beetle

Spineless: Status and trends of the world’s invertebrates, with European invertebrates data

One-fifth of the world’s invertebrates may be threatened with extinction according to ‘Spineless’. Chapter no. 5 presents the results of the European Red List for the invertebrates recently assessed in the region (butterflies, dragonflies, freshwater molluscs and selections of saproxylic beetles and terrestrial molluscs) and underlines their important role in the provision of ecosystem services.    …  

08 Oct 2012 | Downloads - publication
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LAGs_Memorandum of Understanding_Guidelines_cover

Support local action across the border

IUCN has published Guidelines to accompany the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between the Local Action Group (LAG) of Albania and the Local Action Group (LAG) of Montenegro, concerning their cooperation in environmental protection, tourism, recreation and sustainable development in the transboundary context of the Bjeshkët e Namuna/Prokletije Mountains. …  

01 Oct 2012 | Downloads - publication
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the URBES Project

URBES Fact sheet #1: The URBES project

The URBES project bridges the knowledge gap on the role of urban biodiversity and ecosystem services for human well-being. It further aims to inform urban management and decision-makers on how to best integrate the natural environment and human needs. The URBES partnership of academic institutions and international organisations translates science into action for cities. …  

21 Aug 2012 | Fact sheet
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Cover page

Protected landscapes and wild biodiversity

A collection of case studies on protected areas and wild biodiversity from around the world, including Germany, Spain and Croatia. …  

30 Jul 2012 | Downloads - publication
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Mediterranean Submarine Canyons

Workshops focusing on governance of the Mediterranean held in Tunis (2007), Rabat (2008), Nice (2009), Istanbul and Procida (2010) and Monaco (2011) have enabled the IUCN to formulate recommendations to Mediterranean countries whereby they apply a precautionary principle to canyons situated in waters under their jurisdiction and incorporate the issues which are at stake and priorities for the protection and management of submarine canyons into national, regional and international strategies for marine protected areas. …  

27 Jul 2012 | Downloads - publication
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Ecoregion Conservation Plan Cover

Ecoregion Conservation Plan for the Caucasus

The “Ecoregion Conservation Plan for the Caucasus” lays the framework for nature conservation and guides the efforts of all conservation actors working in the Caucasus Ecoregion. In a collaborative effort to account for the important progress made since the previous edition of the document published in 2006, the plan has recently been revised and updated by the Caucasus Biodiversity Council (CBC) supported by the WWF Caucasus Programme Office. The IUCN Caucasus Cooperation Centre has been an observer to the CBC since 2006 and played an important role in the revision process. …  

17 Jul 2012 | Downloads - publication
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