Several private enterprises in the Mediterranean (with a large percentage of Small and Medium enterprises) are conscious of their footprint but do not know how to engage, and some of them do not have the capacity.

Some multinationals have already initiated activities aimed at conserving natural resources and promoting sustainable actions in the region.

However, these activities are at times ad-hoc, uncoordinated, and could be more effective with an integrated strategic approach trying to enhance the cooperation between all stakeholders of the key economic sectors, in terms of sharing experiences and results, but also using both of them as real tools for the conservation and socioeconomic development of the entire region.

For that reason, in 2008 IUCN-Med decided to initiate dialogue with the private sector in the region before engaging in order to elaborate an adapted strategy to support the most relevant initiatives for the region.

The main purpose of this engagement is to conciliate the balance between economic growth, social development and environmental threats, as the private sector is a main actor within these elements.

According to its intersessional plan for 2009-2012, the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation will work with all members in order to examine the different development options with the private sector within economy-generating markets at local level, as well as internationally. 

For more information, please consult the IUCN-Med Intersessional Plan 2009-2012, section 5: Greening the world economy in the Mediterranean context.