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Estudio de las figuras de protección de áreas marinas protegidas de Andalucía con fanerógamas marinas

El Centro de Cooperación del Mediterráneo de UICN acaba de completar un análisis de las figuras de protección de los espacios de la Red Natura 2000 marina en Andalucía con presencia de fanerógamas marinas. 

16 Jan 2015 | Downloads - publication

Publication Cover: Freshwater key biodiversity areas in the Mediterranean basin hotspot

Key Biodiversity Areas in the Mediterranean Basin Hotspot

While the Mediterranean basin biodiversity hotspot is well known for its globally important biodiversity, its freshwater biodiversity has not been as widely recognized for its importance. Through this project, freshwater key biodiversity areas (KBAs) have now been identified, mapped and validated throughout much of the Mediterranean hotspot. It is now important to raise awareness of their status as validated freshwater KBAs and to develop plans for appropriate conservation actions at these sites, as this biodiversity is highly threatened largely due to the conflicting demands upon a diminishing supply of fresh water which is further exacerbated by the increased severity of drought across the region.    …  

12 Jan 2015 | Downloads - publication

Couverture: Approche et Actions pour la Résilience au Changement Climatique

Approche et Actions pour la Résilience au Changement Climatique (FR- AR)

Produit dans le cadre du Projet « Résilience Agricole, Ecologique et Sociale face au Changement Climatique (SEARCH) » au Maroc, ce document est destiné au partage des approches, méthodologies et expériences « pilotes » réalisées, au Rif occidental ou ailleurs, face au changement climatique. L’objectif est de promouvoir l’approche du projet à la résilience face au changement en intégrant en plus des technologies adaptatives, la diversification, l’auto-organisation et l’apprentissage. 

30 Dec 2014 | Downloads - publication

Cover page: The Status and Distribution of Freshwater Biodiversity in the Eastern Mediterranean

The status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity in the Eastern Mediterranean

This IUCN report and accompanying dataset on the status and distribution of freshwater biodiversity in the Eastern Mediterranean, and the associated report and data on the Freshwater Key Biodiversity Areas in the wider Mediterranean Basin represent major advances in provision of information to help incorporate biodiversity needs into water development planning processes within an Integrated River Basin Management framework. 

30 Dec 2014 | Downloads - publication

Fiche de Globicépahle noir - Projet: POCTEFEX-Alboran

Fact sheets of cetaceans and marine turtles in the Alboran sea

The Alboran Sea is one of the richest biodiversity points in the Mediterranean Sea, but at the same time, it is one of the busiest shipping routes. The IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation IUCN has just published 9 fact sheets of cetacean and 5 of marine turtles that frequent the waters of the Alboran Sea. These fact sheets aim at describing the current knowledge about these species in the Alboran Sea and their fragile status of conservation.  | French | Spanish

01 Aug 2014 | Downloads - publication

Cover - IUCN North Africa Programme 2013-2016

IUCN North Africa Programme 2013-2016 (in Arabic)

The IUCN North Africa Programme 2013-2016 approved by Member at the IUCN World Conservation Congress, September 2012 in Jeju (Republic of Korea). …   | French | Spanish

02 Jan 2014 | Downloads - publication

Cover of the publication "Mediterranean MPAs and climate change"

Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas and climate change

Climate change is likely to have drastic effects on the habitat of the Mediterranean flora and fauna, but its impacts will vary between Mediterranean regions and between marine protected areas (MPAs) within each region. This IUCN guide analyzes the threats and effects of climate change on Mediterranean marine biodiversity and provides MPA managers with tools to monitor and mitigate changes in their own MPA.   …   | French | Spanish

24 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication

IUCN-WWF cover MPA guide publication

Guide for quick evaluation of management in Mediterranean MPAs

According to a recent survey conducted by the MedPAN Association over 80 Mediterranean marine protected areas (MPA) more than half of them did not yet have a management plan for the sites and 75% of the Natura 2000 sites (in EU countries) still did not have a management body. In order to reinforce the effectiveness of Mediterranean marine protected areas and to achieve a more unified approach, the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation and WWF-Italy have worked in close collaboration with MPA managers to create an inclusive yet synthetic tool to assess MPA management. …   | French | Spanish

03 Jul 2013 | Downloads - publication

Bursatella leachii, invasive species in the Mediterranean

A new strategy to fight sea invaders in the Mediterranean

As alien species from the Red Sea, the Atlantic Ocean and beyond find new habitats in the Mediterranean, the new guide by the IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation provides the clues to the most dangerous invasive marine fauna and flora and pinpoints towards best management options to control and eradicate them from marine protected areas.   | French | Spanish

14 Jun 2013 | Downloads - publication

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Bases para la restauración ecológica de espartales

El manual de esparto ha sido elaborado en colaboración con la Universidad de Alicante y el Centro de Estudios Ambientales del Mediterráneo. Publicación en español, francés y árabe. …   | French

29 Jan 2013 | Downloads - publication

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