East Rennell, Solomon Islands

Climate change and dams threaten natural World Heritage, warns IUCN

Climate change and large dam projects are putting natural World Heritage sites at risk, says IUCN, International Union for Conservation of Nature, the official advisory body on nature to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee, meeting this Sunday in Bonn, Germany. …   | French | Spanish | Dutch

25 Jun 2015 | International news release

Pacific Bluefin Tuna

Global appetite for resources pushing new species to the brink – IUCN Red List

Pacific Bluefin Tuna, Chinese Pufferfish, American Eel, Chinese Cobra and an Australian butterfly are threatened with extinction

Fishing, logging, mining, agriculture and other activities to satisfy our growing appetite for resources are threatening the survival of the Pacific Bluefin Tuna, Chinese Pufferfish, American Eel and Chinese Cobra, while the destruction of habitat has caused the extinction of a Malaysian mollusc and the world’s largest known earwig, and threatens the survival of many other species – according to the latest update of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ released today at the IUCN World Parks Congress taking place in Sydney, Australia. …   | French | Spanish | Dutch

17 Nov 2014 | International news release

Fotografía grupal.

Watershed conservation beyond boundaries

IUCN accompanies and drives integration processes in Mexico-Guatemala transboundary watersheds. …   | Spanish

30 Aug 2010 | News story

Tacana region, Guatemala

Sharing water through better governance

Strengthening skills and knowledge of local actors in the border region between Mexico and Guatemala is crucial, to ensure effective participation for better water management in the region. …   | Spanish

01 Jul 2010 | News story

Waya Island, Fiji, Oceania

Ridge to Reef workshop develops new global initiative

Healthy well-managed river basins and coastal areas, where people and nature thrive, is the vision behind the development of a new IUCN initiative 'Ridge to Reef'. …  

21 Jun 2010 | News story

Deepwater Horizon rig in fire in the Gulf of Mexico.

Risk against profits!

Because of the distance, prevailing currents and winds, the oil slick drifting to southern United States shores will probably not directly affect the Caribbean. However, events in the last few weeks in the Gulf of Mexico should be seen as a serious warning for any country commercializing its submarine oil resources, especially those who bet a lot on tourism such as in the Caribbean. How will governments and stakeholders now balance profits against risks?   | French | Spanish

29 May 2010 | International news release

Map of the Caribbean

The IUCN Caribbean Initiative embarks upon visits through the Caribbean

Pascal O. Girot, Regional Program Coordinator for the IUCN Regional Office for Mesoamerica and the Caribbean Initiative (IUCN-ORMA/Caribe), and Deirdre P. Shurland, Coordinator of the Caribbean Initiative, embark upon visits to the Caribbean. The purpose is to familiarize members with the implementation of the IUCN Caribbean program and to establish links with key partners.   | French | Spanish | Spanish

03 May 2010 | News story

Mr. Spencer Thomas

Spencer Thomas honoured in New Zealand

Cited for his great contribution towards the success of the Helping Islands Adapt meeting and his global leadership on the environment, Dr Spencer Thomas from Grenada and member of the steering committee of the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA), was honoured today by the New Zealand Government with the presentation of a “Taonga” -- a national treasure of the New Zealand people. …   | French | Spanish

26 Apr 2010 | International news release

Mexico - The Cahoacán River is a lifeline for local communities, irrigation and agribusiness

WANI and IUCN Members in Mexico establish new Watershed Committee

The newly established Cahoacán River Watershed Committee in Chiapas, southwest Mexico, will aim to coordinate programmes and actions towards a more effective administration for the preservation of watershed resources and development of hydraulic infrastructures. …  

19 Jan 2010 | News story


IUCN Caribbean Member Receives Mcarthur Award


03 Jun 2009 | News story

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