Brain coral, Palau.

Monthly update from the IUCN Oceania Regional Office in Suva, Fiji.

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IUCN in Papua New Guinea

Food for such traditional ceremonies and feasts is directly linked to the management of nearby coral reef systems and is an important component in maintaining cultural and economic vitality in a village such as this in Papua New Guinea.

The Government of Papua New Guinea through the Department of Environment and Conservation has signed a new partnership with IUCN. 


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Australian University on board for next five years

Brisbane, South Bank, Parklands

Griffith University and IUCN Oceania have signed an agreement to cooperate in activities relating to climate change adaptation and mitigation, environmental law, governance and natural resource management.


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Economic valuations of marine ecosystems


IUCN Oceania is working with partners to undertake economic assessments of marine and coastal ecosystems in the Pacific Islands. The 6th International Ecosystems Services Partnership Conference held this month proved to be an important forum for forging partnerships and linking activities.


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Managing nature together


Environmental law is a critical component of natural resource management. In Papua New Guinea, IUCN Oceania is aiming to establish an environmental law association and this month the first step to achieve this was taken.


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Call for proposals

Call for proposals for the East Melanesian Islands hotspot is still open. Proposals are invited from civil society groups in Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and PNG, including community groups, non-government organizations, academic institutions, private companies and other civil society organizations.


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Leone Waqaliva

Pataleone Waqaliva, IUCN Oceania. Mr Waqaliva, a Fiji national, joins us as the Human Resource Officer. Prior to joining IUCN, he worked for the Biosecurity Authority of Fiji.



Mrs Maria Muavesi

Ms Maria Muavesi, IUCN Oceania. Maria is passionate about nature's cause and joins us as Environmental Legal Officer. She helped to set up Fiji's Environmental Law Association in 2010 and worked for Howards Lawyers prior to IUCN. 


2 - 6 December: Pacific Islands Conference on Nature Conservation and Protected Areas

Held in Suva, Fiji. This conference is the premier event for nature conservation and protected areas work in the Pacific region, the outcomes of which will shape the direction of this work for the next 5 years.
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IUCN Members come from very diverse backgrounds. They employ a wide range of approaches and work on a variety of projects and initiatives, however they have all joined IUCN because they share and support the objectives of the Union as set out in the Statutes and Regulations. There are a total of 46 Members based in Oceania. 
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