Country projects under the Pacific SIDS-EESLI

Working in six countries, IUCN is able to demonstrate the following pilot projects (some have been completed, others are on-going), share lessons learnt from these projects and provide expertise in the development of sustainable energy policies.

Solar panels shown here of the 40kw grid-connected solar pv system installed at the Motofuoua Secondary School, Vaitupu, Tuvalu

Enabling a better learning environment through solar power

In the second biggest secondary school in Tuvalu, IUCN helped provide a better learning environment for 500 students and teachers by enabling continuous power supply through solar. …  

29 Jan 2013 | Article

Sunset in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu taps into solar, wind and hydro power

IUCN is helping the island nation of Vanuatu to utilize renewable energy sources to provide modern energy services and improve health and education services in outer island communities. …  

24 Jan 2013 | Article

Household in Tonga with a new solar home system.

Solar lights for homes in three remote Tongan islands

In Tonga IUCN worked with the government and provided essential lighting to more than 100 homes in three remote islands in the Ha’apai group. …  

22 Jan 2013 | Article

Rock Islands, Palau

Palau goes for energy efficient homes

In Palau IUCN is helping to build new homes that use less energy and saves money on power bills for both the home owner and the utility company. …  

18 Jan 2013 | Article

LED lights are more efficient than mercury vapour or sodium vapour lights.

Street lights that cost less to operate

IUCN helped to lower fuel consumption in the main urban centres in the Republic of Marshall Islands simply by changing light bulbs. …  

23 Jan 2012 | Article

Public bus in Samoa.

Samoa aims for energy efficient transport sector

In Samoa IUCN is helping the land transport sector, the nation’s largest consumer of imported petroleum, to reduce its consumption rate by drawing people's attention towards the value of energy efficient vehicles. …  

11 Jan 2013 | Article