Programme team

IUCN Oceania implements its activities through five Programmes and several on-going projects.

Alan Saunders, Regional Programme Coordinator, IUCN Oceania

Alan Saunders

Regional Programme Coordinator

Fipe Tuitubou, IUCN Oceania

Fipe Tuitubou

Programme Assistant/Support Officer

Water and Wetlands Programme

Dr. Milika Sobey - Water & Wetlands Programme Coordinator, IIUCN Oceania

Dr. Milika Sobey

Water and Wetlands Programme Coordinator

Dr. Milika Sobey is also the Manager for the MESCAL Project.



Eric Verheij, IUCN Oceania.

Dr. Eric Verheij

Regional Project Manager, MARSH Project

MESCAL Technical Officer

Viliame Waqalevu

Technical Officer, MESCAL Project

Epeli Nakautoga - WANI Project Assistant

Epeli Nakautoga

Water and Wetlands Project Assistant

Energy Programme

Anare Matakiviti, Energy Programme Coordinator, IUCN Oceania

Anare Matakiviti

Energy Programme Coordinator

Ifereimi Dau, IUCN Oceania

Ifereimi Dau

Energy Programme Officer

Species Programme

Helen Pippard, IUCN Oceania

Helen Pippard

Species Programme & Membership Officer

Marine Programme

Tony O'Keeffe

Tony O'Keeffe

BIOPAMA Coordinator


Environmental Law Programme

Patricia Parkinson, IUCN Oceania

Patricia Parkinson

Senior Environmental Legal Officer

Ms Maria Muavesi, IUCN Oceania.

Maria Muavesi

Environmental Legal Officer

Napolioni Lahi, IUCN Oceania

Napolioni Lahi

Junior Environmental Legal Officer

Leadership, Green Growth and Sustainability Project

Fei Tevi, IUCN Oceania

Fei'loakitau Tevi

Project Coordinator

Onassis Dame, IUCN Oceania

Onassis Dame

Green Growth Research/Assistant

Pacific Islands Roundtable for Nature Conservation

Etika Rupeni, IUCN Oceania

Etika Rupeni

Roundtable Coordinator