Pursuing the IUCN call to engage the business sector in the global movement towards biodiversity nature conservation, IUCN ROWA jointly with the Global Business & Biodiversity Programme has initiated a new regional Business and Biodiversity Programme to enhance IUCN interface with business in the region. 

The large footprint industries are considered an urge for IUCN to start working in this area and enable businesses to positively contribute to conservation and reduce their ecological footprints.

Objectives of engaging with the Private Sector

• A conservation community that is well-informed about market mechanisms and understands their potential and limitations to achieving biodiversity conservation
• A more accountable private sector which contributes to sustainable development including conservation and social equity
• Effective dialogue and collaboration between IUCN and the private sector which helps to achieve conservation through, and alongside, sustainable development

The Programme helps businesses contain their environmental footprint and enhance their positive contribution to the environment, notably to sustaining ecosystems, the biodiversity they contain, and the values and services they provide. To this end, the Programme encourages and supports businesses to develop and follow good practice in biodiversity management, work for raising biodiversity performance standards across the different sectors of the economy, and catalyze productive relationships among members of the business and conservation communities.