Third Near East Forestry Week

Third Near East Forestry Week


Day One

Valuing Forests & Rangeland Ecosystems: An Economic Perspective

Shared Session

Economic Valuation of Forests & Rangeland Contribution: Near East, Jordan and Pakistan

Presentation  Breif -  Dr Illias Animon

PresentationBreif - Dr Amer Jabarin 

 Brief - Dr Sarwat Mirza 


Side Event 

Experiences of Economic Valuation cases from Noth Africa, Egypt, Morocco & Jordan

Brief Presentation - Ele John Saaf 

Brief Presentation - Guliano Ramat 

Brief Presentation - Paolo Prosperi

Breif - Presentation - Boshra Salem


Day Two

Governing Forest & Rangeland Ecosystem

Shared Session:

Forests & Rangeland Governance for Better Resilience 

Presentation - Brief  - Mounir Louhaichi

Presentation -  Brief - Dr Mustafa Shdaifat

 Brief  - Nora Berrahmouni


Side Event:

Forest & Rangeland Restoration and Management in Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco & Algeria

Brief - Presentation - Dr Khaled Allam

Brief - Presentation - Iraa Al Turk 

Presentation - Dr Mohammad Talat

Brief - Presentation - Mario Carrera


Side Event:

Local Community Participation for Better Governance

Presentation - Esmail Mohammad 

Brief - Khalid Khawaldeh 

Brief - Presentation - Al Shouf Reserve 

Day Three

Green Economy: A Public-Private Partnership

 Shared Session:

Public/Private Partnership for Forest & Rangeland Restoration

Brief - Presentation - Garace Elazar  

Brief - Presentation - Inazio Martinez de Arano

Brief - Presentation -  Rosalaura Romeo


Side Event:

Community, Economy & Ecology: Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen 

Brief - Presentation - Abdelwahab Afefe

Brief - Presentation - Joelle Barakat

Brief - Presentation - Dr. Sama Al Maroufi


Side Event:

Promoting Sustainable Management of World Heritage Sites in Forest & Rangelands Towards Green Economy 

Brief - Presentation - Alhassan Boukhariallah

Presentation - Haifa AbdulHalim

Brief - Presentation  - Dr. Mohammed Sameh

Presentation - Saeed Omar