National Dissemination Workshop

National Dissemination Workshop for Climate Change Vulnerability and Adaptation

 IUCN ROWA being part of the function to finalize the Third National Climate Change Communication (TNC) Report to UNFCCC, which is implemented by the Ministry of Environment (MoEnv) and supported by UNDP/GEF. The overall objective of the study is to assess the vulnerability of the selected sectors and to identify adaptation options for each sector in order to update the vulnerability and adaptation chapter of TNC. …  

11 Jun 2014 | Article

World Oceans Day

Together We Have the Power to Protect the Ocean: Celebrate World Oceans Day

“In addition to events in dozens of countries, we invite everyone to take ocean conservation personally by making a commitment and then sharing a selfie for the sea,” said World Oceans Day coordinator, Alyssa Isakower. “We can each do something to help protect our ocean!” …  

08 Jun 2014 | Article

World Environment Day

Raise Your Voice, Not the Sea Level: Celebrate World Environment Day

Through World Environment Day, the United Nations Environment Programme is able to personalize environmental issues and enable everyone to realize not only their responsibility, but also their power to become agents for change in support of sustainable and equitable development.   …  

05 Jun 2014 | Article

Sydney Harbour National Park

Nature's A-list to debate a sustainable future for the planet

Internationally recognized experts, politicians, CEOs, activists and indigenous leaders will be at the forefront of a series of public debates during the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 taking place this November in Sydney, Australia. …   | French

05 Jun 2014 | News story

IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations Platform

IUCN launches Resolutions and Recommendations Platform

IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations are now more accessible and easier to search than ever with the new IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations Platform. The Platform, available online in English, French and Spanish, gives an opportunity to explore IUCN Resolutions and Recommendations that have shaped the global conservation agenda and the Union’s policy on important issues over the past 65 years.
  | Spanish

05 Jun 2014 | News story

Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Our Members in News: Al Shouf Cedar Society Will Launch A Reforestation Initiative

The blossoms of the hot summer bloom in our Shouf region to nourish the Shouf Biosphere Reserve with serious of events that will be launched with the restoration event in June 5, 2014 in Byblos Bank Headquarter, Ashrafieh under the title: “Byblos bank - Shouf Biosphere Reserve, Bio – Corridor, Reforestation Initiative” …  

02 Jun 2014 | Article

Water Drop kick-off Meeting

Water Development Resources Opportunity Policies for the Water Management in Semi Arid Areas (Water DROP) Project Kick-off Meeting

 Water management is a key priority for most of the Mediterranean countries and most of the water problems are due to the mismanagement of the water resources and to the incoherency among different policies impacting on water. …  

01 Jun 2014 | Article

The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan

Our members in News: JREDS Celebrates the Closing of Water Young Reporters Project

 The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan “JREDS” closed its project “Water Young Reporters” on Thursday 22nd 2014 in a ceremony held under the patronage of H.E Basem Telafah, General Secretary of Ministry of water and Allegation. …  

01 Jun 2014 | Article

SWIM project site

Wastewater Treatment: A New Turn in the Arab World

Climate changes, global warming and the large increase in population in the Arab world drive the water crisis in the Arab region from bad to worse as experts predict.  …  

29 May 2014 | Article

Groundwater Integration Dialouge

Groundwater Integration Dialogue

Coastal zones are open and dynamic systems with numerous internal processes as well as interactions with the wider environment, natural and man-made, while groundwater resources are sensitive to climate change as they are subject to over-exploitation, pollution from various practices relating to sanitation, and waste management.  …  

29 May 2014 | Article