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New NAMA Steps Developed for Solar Power Pumping in the Jordan Valley

 The Climasouth programme supports the transition of southern Mediterranean countries towards low carbon development and climate change resilience. Sustainable and democratic development will be the aim; by enhancing regional cooperation, information sharing and capacity development on climate change mitigation and adaptation between the European Union (EU) and its Mediterranean neighbors and among South Mediterranean partners …  

08 Sep 2014 | Article

You can for a tree

Members in the News: Your Can for a Tree

The global average of consuming soft drink cans has been estimated to be 121 cans per person per year, as of September 2013. The UAE however, consumes about 300 soft drink cans per person per year, making it the 5th largest consumer in the world. Under the banner of the Can Collection Campaign, Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) an IUCN ROWA member launched a very special programme during September 2012; the “Your Can for a Tree” Initiative. …  

07 Sep 2014 | Article


Members in the News: Environmentally-sound & Socially-beneficial Forestation in the Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Since 2012, and in the framework of the Mediterranean Mosaics project, Al-Shouf Cedar Society (ACS)
developed a pilot Adaptation and Restoration Plan (ARP) that covers an ecological corridor connecting the Beqaa Valley and the Ammiq wetland in the east to the western slopes of the Shouf Mountains. So far, the pilot work has been implemented in seven sites along the corridor, with a mix of forestation and landscape restoration techniques, for a total of approximately 45 Hectares. …  

05 Sep 2014 | Article

Workshop - Lets Change

Members in the News: Let's Change

The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan (JREDS) an IUCN ROWA member has worked to raise the awareness of the general public regarding the importance of marine life with a goal to achieve a lasting positive change in their behaviour towards the environment, and empower the target groups including youth and women on the environmental justice (right base approach) through the “Let’s Change” project. …  

05 Sep 2014 | Article

Julia Marton-Lefèvre, IUCN Director General, at World Water Week 2014

Water and energy – life partners

World Water Week — the annual event focusing on water-related challenges — is underway in Stockholm, Sweden. IUCN is calling for increased cooperation between the water and energy sectors which is critical for sustainable development. …  

01 Sep 2014 | News story

local women working on medicinal plants

Demonstration projects in Morocco (As part of the SEARCH project)

During the SEARCH project, several actions dealing with the different aspects were prioritized and thereafter projects were proposed for the pilot action phase of the SEARCH project concentrating on aromatic and medicinal plants and constructing water catchments.   …  

06 Aug 2014 | Article

Rehabilitation of well

Demonstration projects in Lebanon (As part of the SEARCH project)

 Based on the clusters and the strategies developed through the SEARCH project processes in Lebanon, several actions dealing with the different aspects were suggested and prioritized upon specific objective criteria. Projects proposed for the pilot action phase of the SEARCH project were agreed upon and consolidated by the national and local stakeholders based on participatory approaches (workshops, focus groups…). The suggested projects also reflect the results of the vulnerability assessment to increase resilience of local target groups in the face of climate change. …  

06 Aug 2014 | Article

working with the locals

Demonstration projects in Palestine (As part of the SEARCH project)

 As a result of the joint planning process in Marj Sanour, water harvesting projects were suggested by the stakeholders. These projects mainly focus on harvesting rain and flood water in pools, cisterns, dams, and reservoirs.   …  

06 Aug 2014 | Article

Draught in Egypt

Demonstration projects in Egypt (As part of the SEARCH project)

In Egypt,  pilot projects were conducted in SEARCH chosen communities based in Minya and Beni Suef. Projects aimed at the rehabilitation and maintenance of sewage systems, raising awarness about climate change, plantation of economic trees, recycling agricultural waste, water saving irrigation systems and finally women empowerment.    …  

06 Aug 2014 | Article

HSBC funded project

Demonstration projects in Jordan (As part of the SEARCH project)

 The HSBC Bank in Jordan has committed to support local community water and energy initiatives designed by the SEARCH project. Consequently, HSBC funded a project in the Zarqa River Basin aiming to introduce environmentally friendly best practices that target the farming community of both Khirbet Al Hadead and Russaifeh. These sustainable approaches will help increase water and energy usage efficiency and therefore limit agriculture loss. …  

06 Aug 2014 | Article