IUCN Regional Committee for West Asia

Members of the WARC around the table

About IUCN Regional Committee for West Asia (RCWA)

The power of the union was demonstrated through the interaction of West Asia members during the last regional conservation forum in Tehran. Members believed in the necessity of a regional voice that will combine all the efforts under the IUCN umbrella. This was proved through electing a Regional Committee for West Asia Chaired by Eng. Mohamed Shahbaz.

"This committee has laid the foundation for a new era for operating in the newly structured region of West Asia & Middle East" according to Dr Odeh Al Jayyousi, IUCN West Asia Regional Director.  

The RCWA held its first meeting on January 21, 2008 in Jordan and was hosted by IUCN Regional Office for West Asia. The main focus was given to commenting on the draft Bylaws of the committee. IUCN ROWA presented the Barcelona Congress activities to the participants in order to start members preparations for this big event.

The meeting was attended by IUCN West Asia Regional Councillors, Mr Javed Jabbar, Dr Talal Al Azimi and Dr Ali Darwish. Also attended this meeting was Ministry of Environment's Secretary General, Eng Faris Al Juneidi, Jordan National Committee members, Sharifa Nawzat bint Ali member of the IUCN Environmental Law Commission, and IUCN Asia Regional Director Ms Aban Kabraji.  

For more information, please contact Ms Ola Mallah, IUCN ROWA Constituency Administrator: ola.mallah@iucn.org

Minuites of Meetings for Regional Committees for West Asia (RCWA)
West Asia Regional Committee Bylaws