An Ecosystem Approach to Management of Seamounts in the Southern Indian Ocean

05 April 2013 | Downloads - publication

Within the framework of an IUCN/GEF/UNDP Southern Indian Ocean (SIO) Project, IUCN organized in Rome, on 16–17 July 2012, a Management Workshop on conservation and management measures applicable to high seas areas in the SIO. The objectives were to: (i) define the different elements of a governance plan for the region (specific objectives, actors, actions required for its implementation); and (ii) discuss ways towards achieving an operational management plan for the SIO (develop considerations for an ecosystem approach, identify options for monitoring, control and surveillance, etc.).

This document briefly presents the proposals from the Management Workshop regarding: (i) a Biodiversity Initiative; (ii) the principles, objectives and process included in the draft RoadMap  developed in support of the Initiative; (iii) the concept, advantages and potential members of the Alliance proposed to further develop the Initiative; and (iv) the Collaborative Arrangement needed to formalize the Alliance, and the key elements of the adaptive and collaborative Management Plan that the Alliance will adopt and implement.