At the Bay Farm School in California, each third grader chose an endangered species on which to write a report and give a presentation. This project inspired several students to start the Animal Rescue Club (ARC). At an evening school function, the club members launched their fundraising efforts with a display table and their slogan “A dollar today keeps extinction away!”

After hearing of their fundraiser, the IUCN Washington, D.C. Office mailed them a copy of The Red Book: The Extinction Crisis Face To Face. Annika, one of the founders of the ARC, presented it to the Bay Farm School during a school-wide morning assembly.

Over at the Discovery Charter School in California, Jacob recommended the IUCN as a recipient of fundraising done by his Service Learning class. With no parental help, the students ran a bake sale and donated the proceeds to the IUCN.

In Tyrone Pennsylvania, a group of fourth graders were inspired to act when they read about western low land gorillas. The group wanted to help, so they decided to begin collecting donations for the IUCN. They plan on launching a website to enlarge their fundraising efforts.