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Delivering Multiple Benefits from Forest Carbon Markets

The prospect of linking carbon markets with forest conservation is a popular topic within the environmental community. The 4th IUCN World Conservation Congress provided a high-profile platform to exchange ideas on the role of forests as carbon stores. Animated by presentations spanning a variety of perspectives, the Global Thematic Workshop was one of the major events dedicated to this ecomplex issue. With hundreds of delegates in attendance, valuable insights were shared on the socio-economic and ecological risks and opportunities of forest carbon projects. …  

29 Oct 2008 | Event

PEP Making REDD Work for the Poor cover

Making REDD Work for the Poor

This Poverty Environment Partnership (PEP) report is dedicated to the increasingly popular topic of 'Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation' (REDD). Making REDD Work for the Poor outlines how the design of REDD could infuence its poverty implications and the key requirements for ensuring that REDD works for the poor. …  

29 Oct 2008 | Downloads - document

The nature of drylands: Diverse ecosystems, diverse solutions

The nature of drylands: Diverse ecosystems, diverse solutions

This magazine features over 30 articles on drylands from IUCN Members and Commission experts around the world. It illustrates the diversity of the drylands and dryland issues and provides an insight into the far-reaching work of IUCN’s membership in dryland areas of the world. …  

26 Sep 2008 | Downloads - publication

Building Biodiversity Business

Building Biodiversity Business

The challenge of building biodiversity business is not trivial. Biodiversity is still largely neglected by private finance. There is a need to develop new business models and market mechanisms for biodiversity conservation, and to persuade the public and policy makers that biodiversity (or component ecosystem services) can be conserved on a commercial basis. Based on extensive consulatation and analysis, the authors of this new report conclude that there are numerous pro-biodiversity business opportunities that can generate positive financial returns as well as real biodiversity benefits. …  

19 Mar 2008 | Downloads - publication

Geneva, Switzerland

Understanding the Private Demand for International Ecosystem Services - A survey of public attitudes and preferences in Geneva, Switzerland

During November and December of 2007, a survey of public attitudes and preferences on international ecosystem services was carried out in Geneva, Switzerland. This report provides some preliminary results of consumers' willingness to pay for the conservation of tropical forests. …  

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Pro-poor Payments for Ecosystem Services

The 11th Poverty and Environment Partnership (PEP) meeting was held in Copenhagen and hosted by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Following a first day devoted to the theme of climate change, IUCN co-hosted a full-day sessions on payments for ecosystem services and poverty. The presentations offered insights into the links between PES and poverty and the potential of PES as a tool for poverty reduction as well as environmental management. …  

20 Jun 2007 | Event

Biodiversity, the next challenge for financial institutions?

Biodiversity, the Next Challenge for Financial Institutions?

The Biodiversity Business Case - This report provides a detailed analysis of the business case for financial institutions from a risk perspective.The report focuses notably on what the specific implications are for the commercial banking sector, asset managers and investors, and (re)insurance firms in terms of exposure to biodiversity business risks. …  

04 May 2007 | Downloads - publication

Building Biodiversity Business

Building Business for Biodiversity - A scoping report (draft for comments)

This report explores recent experience around the world and future opportunities to develop business models that generate biodiversity benefits. The report is the fruit of collaboration between IUCN and Shell and represents the result of over eight months work, including interviews with over 150 individuals from over 60 different organizations. …  

24 Nov 2006 | Downloads - publication

A woman on a market in Rio Grande de Buba, Guinea-Bissau

The economic value of wild resources in Senegal

The contribution of wild plants and animals to human welfare is widely appreciated but not routinely measured. This report presents a summary of findings of recent research on the value of non-timber forest products, game, and freshwater fisheries in Senegal, West Africa. …  

01 Jan 2006 | Downloads - publication