Mobilising dryland stakeholders and the Union

As the world’s leading environmental network, IUCN’s diverse range of members and commissions work on many facets of dryland biodiversity and sustainable development. The Global Drylands Initiative helps to connect and mobilise the union with wider dryland stakeholders to take concerted action in conserving dryland biodiversity.

 IUCN has unique convening power and credibility to bring government and non-State actors together from local to national and global levels. As a science and knowledge-based organisation, IUCN will establish and support platforms for exchange of knowledge and to build awareness and motivation for addressing dryland issues. We will also strengthen networking and communication between actors working on different but connected dryland issues, for example through forums on Ecosystem Based Adaptation, Disaster Risk Reduction and Red Listing of Ecosystems. This will include engaging parts of the union that work in the drylands but do not engage in global discourse on dryland issues.



Photo: Clara Herreros Murueta-Goyena / IUCN


Stronger networking will enable IUCN to address the other strategic dryland priorities as well as to identify emerging issues that could become future priorities. Current hot-topics that could be considered include tackling concerns around dryland extractive industries or the energy sector: issues that are of particular concern in certain dryland regions but do not attract adequate attention.

To further our work towards this strategic priority, the Global Drylands Initiative will establish a union-wide Core Group on drylands, which will facilitate improved awareness of who is doing what in the union. The core group will include a representative from, although will not be restricted to, the following:

  • Commission on Ecosystem Management, Thematic Group on Dryland Ecosystems;
  • Commission on Environmental Law, Sustainable Use of Soil Specialist Group;
  • Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy and World Commission on Protected Areas, Theme on Indigenous Peoples, Local Communities, Equity and Protected Areas (TILCEPA);
  • Key IUCN members self-identified through participation in IUCN Dryland events and initiatives;
  • IUCN Regional Programmes;
  • IUCN thematic programmes.

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