Cameron logging road

Forests are under the spotlight as never before. They are globally important in regulating climate and locally important in sustaining communities and supporting biodiversity. But with unsustainable logging, and agriculture and biofuel producers competing for land, forests, and the people who depend on them, are under increasing pressure.

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Remise officielle du poster au représentant de CARPE-USAID

Lancement de l’Atlas Forestier Interactif de la RD Congo et du Projet de développement et de mise en œuvre d’un Système de Gestion de l’Information Spatiale (SyGIS)

La première version de l’Atlas Forestier Interactif de la République Démocratique du Congo a été officiellement  présentée ce mercredi 19 janvier à  Kinshasa par World Ressourses Institute (WRI) devant un parterre de partenaires dans la conservation et au développement. …  

28 Jan 2011 | News story
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A meeting of forestry schools in Mbalmayo, Cameroon

The value of investing in locally-controlled forestry

Forests are a good investment option. In the words of one of the world’s leading international news and business weeklies: 

28 Jan 2011 | Downloads - document

Forests in Svaneti, Georgia

Regional forest dialogues vital to sustainability

The EU Council has urged Member States, the European Commission, regional and local administrations and the private sector to support forest-related activities in the context of the International Year of Forests. …  

27 Jan 2011 | News story

Communicating Forest Values

How sexy are forests?

Forest experts can better ‘arouse’ the general public about their subject. IUCN CEC Special Advisor Frits Hesselink suggests how. …  

27 Jan 2011 | News story

Children in Anggra-Arfak Mountains, West Papua

Forests and poverty: the latest thinking

Gill Shepherd, IUCN Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy Thematic Adviser on Poverty and Landscapes, speaks on the latest thinking on forests and poverty, drawing from lessons that have come out of IUCN's innovative 'Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy' (LLS). …  

27 Jan 2011 | Video

Photo de famille

L’Honorable ESSOLA ETOA confirmé à la tête du Forum national sur les forêts du Cameroun !

A l’issue de l’atelier de validation organisationnelle du forum nationale sur les forêts du Cameroun qui s’est tenu à Mbalmayo au Cameroun le 29 décembre 2010, une équipe a été élue  pour diriger cette instance. L’honorable Essola Etoa qui assurait la présidence par intérim a été confirmé au poste de Président. …  

27 Jan 2011 | Fact sheet
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Communicating Forest Values

How to get a child to love a forest?

Childhood experiences in nature are on the wane. Cheryl Charles, Assistant Deputy Chair of IUCN CEC, discusses what this means for forests. …  

27 Jan 2011 | News story

Communicating Forest Values

Communicating Forest Values: Arborvitae Editorial

An introduction to the special issue of Arborvitae newsletter by Stewart Maginnis, Head of IUCN’s Forest Conservation Programme and Keith Wheeler, Chair of IUCN’s Commission on Education and Communication.

27 Jan 2011 | News story

Carole Saint Laurent, Senior Forestry Policy Advisor

Eco power list: Carole Saint Laurent named "green giant"

The Observer Ethical Awards has honored Carole Saint Laurent, IUCN Senior Forest Policy Advisor, as one of the 20 global figures who will exert influence in 2011. 

24 Jan 2011 | Article


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