Cameron logging road

Forests are under the spotlight as never before. They are globally important in regulating climate and locally important in sustaining communities and supporting biodiversity. But with unsustainable logging, and agriculture and biofuel producers competing for land, forests, and the people who depend on them, are under increasing pressure.

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Congreso Internacional de Pago por Servicios Ambientales

Centre Tecnològic Forestal de Catalunya
Del 5 a 7 de octubre de 2010 …  

14 Jul 2010 | Event
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Restoration is possible

Restoration is possible

This is the message of "Hope in a Changing Climate" – a documentary by John D. Liu, an environmental filmmaker and ecological field researcher. The short film was presented today at the European Parliament. …  

12 Jul 2010 | News story

Mount Kenya National Park Entrance

God’s resting place – the sacred mountain of Kenya

Mount Kenya National Park …  

12 Jul 2010 | Fact sheet

A world of opportunity - the world from a forest landscape restoration perspective

One billion hectares of lost forests could be restored

“Across the globe lie more than a billion hectares of lost and degraded forest land that could be restored”, according to the Global Partnership on Forest Landscape Restoration, which includes IUCN. It’s a vast area – an area greater than China – with the potential to enrich communities, their environment and enterprises large and small. It’s an opportunity we can’t afford to miss. …  

09 Jul 2010 | Downloads - document

Better Forests, Better Lives: the LLS in Asia


09 Jul 2010 | Downloads - publication

Forest logging

From good principles to good practices

On July 6th 2010 Georgian Centre for the Conservation of Wildlife (GCCW) in collaboration with International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) organized discussion on the draft final report of the Study on Current Practices of Forest Management in Georgia. …  

08 Jul 2010 | News story

decoration baskets colors

From the field

A round-up of some of the work under way by IUCN regional offices on ecosystem valuation and investment. …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article


Cashing in

With companies capitalizing on markets for natural products and services, some nature conservation organizations are also developing commercial enterprises that generate funds
for conservation. …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article

money africa

Smart finance

Peter Carter of the European Investment Bank explains the role banks can play in safeguarding biodiversity. …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article



Biodiversity could benefit from funding being directed towards efforts to reduce deforestation under the climate change agenda. …  

07 Jul 2010 | Article


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