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How to win a Nobel Prize for IPBES?

Imagine 2023, 10 years from now. Has IPBES fundamentally helped to achieve the global biodiversity targets 2020, engaged 100 fellow researchers from Africa, won the Nobel Prize and more? If so, where is the key today, at the beginning of the process, aimed to unlock enhanced science, conservation and policy links? …  

17 Sep 2013 | Video

Dr Thomas Brooks

Beyond nature assessments for better decisions

Dr Thomas Brooks, Head of IUCN Science and Knowledge Unit shares his expectations for IPBES and explains the way he sees IUCN as a Union contributing to this new global nature platform on biodiversity and its benefits. …  

03 Apr 2013 | Video

Tamar Pataridze

Achieving fruitful results on the ground

Tamar Pataridze, a newly elected member of the IPBES Multidisciplinary Expert Panel (MEP) and IUCN Regional Councillor for Eastern Europe, North and Central Asia reveals her expectations for IPBES and explains the way she sees IUCN as a Union contributing to this new global nature platform on biodiversity and its benefits. …  

30 Jan 2013 | Video

Marina Von Weissenberg

Compiling the best knowledge for IPBES

At the peak of the first plenary meeting, Marina von Weissenberg, IUCN Vice President and Regional Councillor for West Europe shares her dream of IPBES and the way she sees IUCN as a Union contributing to this new global nature platform on biodiversity and its benefits. …  

26 Jan 2013 | Video

Various experts on how to bake a conceptual framework for IPBES

Expert tips & hints for linking people and nature

How to represent the links between nature and people in a simple way to facilitate decision making? A diverse group of experts suggest possible ingredients of such representation. The hope is that this 'recipe' will help the work of IPBES in relating biodiversity and its benefits to human well-being, sustainability and conservation. …  

25 Jan 2013 | Video

Simon Stuart on the science programme 'Nano' by 3sat, German TV

Balancing biodiversity science and political authority

Simon Stuart from IUCN's Species Survival Commission together with Günter Mitlacher from WWF Germany, an IUCN Member, Achim Steiner from UNEP and others share their expectations for IPBES at the historic first meeting of this new biodiversity platform in Bonn, Germany. …  

23 Jan 2013 | Video

WCC V Jeju

How can IPBES bring us further in conserving the world's biodiversity?

Full recording of the IPBES workshop held during the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress, Jeju, South Korea. …  

10 Sep 2012 | Video

IUCN Europe

Biodiversity research, a key to our future

The European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy (EPBRS) released a video about the essential role of biodiversity research in addressing societal issues. …  

20 Jun 2012 | Video

Juvenile green sea turtle swimming in shallow coral reef

What is IUCN?

Discover IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature), the world’s largest global environmental network. We are working in more than 160 countries, gathering the latest knowledge on biodiversity, running hundreds of conservation projects around the world and being nature's voice on the international stage. Watch this video and find out who we are and how we work for a just world that values and conserves nature. …  

09 Feb 2012 | Video

Cyrie Sendashonga

What role for civil society in IPBES?

Dr. Cyrie Sendashonga, IUCN Global Director of Policy and Planning Group talks about the role of civil society organisations and how these might engage with IPBES. …  

20 Oct 2011 | Video

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