IUCN participates in the discussions on the SDGs to ensure that they are formulated in a way as to emphasize the synergistic links between the three dimensions of sustainable development (economic, social, environmental). Focusing on their interconnectedness will ensure that no goal undermines the effectiveness of another goal.

IUCN’s involvement so far

IUCN has actively contributed to the discussions on the SDGs at international fora since 2013. Through its Permanent Observer status at the UN General Assembly, IUCN was able to bring and reiterate the importance of integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services into the discussions on the SDGs in both formal and informal meetings.

In 2014, IUCN focused on stressing the importance of integration of biodiversity and ecosystem services into all relevant goals and targets. This was done through:

  1. the elaboration of policy briefs;
  2. through targeted interventions at the UN and other policy fora;
  3. through the organization of numerous side events laying out the argumentation and proposing concrete ways of action; and
  4. through an IUCN consultative meeting on the SDGs with IUCN Members, International Organizations and key partners.

Furthermore, IUCN has since regularly produced a number of position documents. The underlying views from IUCN underline the importance of building the SDGs on existing relevant commitments; the adoption of a nature based solutions approach to development challenges and the need for effective and efficient governance structures.

In 2015…

IUCN will continue to promote the conservation of nature for sustainable development in the negotiations of the post-2015 development agenda, in New York, in Addis Ababa and beyond.