Protected Areas


WCPA Members meeting

    Agenda item Responsibility
8:00 – 9:00  

Arrival at the International Convention Centre and the meeting venue.

Please note that ACCESS to the venue requires that your passport details are in the Congress Registration System and that you have your passport with you.
09:00 1. Welcome Nik Lopoukhine
09:15 2. WCPA Chair’s highlights report Nik Lopoukhine
09:45 3. GPAP Director’s report 2011 Trevor Sandwith
10:15 4. Discussion with inputs from the Steering Committee Nik Lopoukhine
11:15 5. WCPA Chair Candidates’ Presentations and discussion Nik Lopoukhine
11:20 5.1
  • Ernesto Enkerlin-Hoeflich
11:40 5.2
  • Kathy MacKinnon
12:00 5.3
  • Jeff McNeely
12:20   Questions and answers Nik Lopoukhine
12:45   LUNCH  
13:45 6. IUCN World Conservation Congress  
  6.1 Forum and protected areas journey through the Congress Marie Fischborn and Delwyn Dupuis
  6.2 Protected Planet Pavilion James Kemsey
  6.3 WCPA Members’ booth in exhibition area Delwyn Dupuis
  6.4 Kenton Miller Award Nik Lopoukhine
  6.5 Members’ Assembly – motions on protected areas Trevor Sandwith
14:30 7. 2014 IUCN World Parks Congress  
  7.1 Presentation by the host country Peter Cochrane
  7.2 Preliminary proposals for the strategic direction, central themes and pathways Trevor Sandwith
15:00   TEA/COFFEE  
15:30 7.3 Discussion on the purpose, direction, central themes and pathways for the World Parks Congress with a panel of members of the International and National Steering Committees Trevor Sandwith, Peter Cochrane, Julia Miranda, Penny Figgis
16:30 8. Packard Award Ceremony Nik Lopoukhine
17:00 9. WCPA Members’ Reception