Packard Awards - Nominate now

Julia Miranda Londoño, WCPA Regional Chair for South America

Recognize protected area leadership

Nominations for the Packard awards are now open Deadline for nominations is 15 June 2014 …  

08 May 2014 | News story

Who is the Award for?

The Packard Award is made to individuals or groups to recognize outstanding service to protected areas. This award is made by IUCN's World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) activities and recognizes both protected area professionals and organizations. The award includes a certificate. Cash prizes are issued in certain circumstances. Nominations can be accepted for any individual (or group of individuals) who has carried out his/her duties in the service of protected areas above and beyond the call of duty.

Who can receive it?

Criteria for selection:

  • Outstanding contribution to protected areas
  • Multiplier Effect – has his/her work made a difference beyond his/her agency/country
  • Level of regional and global contribution to protected areas
  • Contribution to conservation efforts in other sectors beyond protected areas

History of the Award

 The Fred Packard Award is named for the individual who served as Secretary to the Commission in the early years, especially during the early 1970's when the Commission was hardly alive. Fred kept up the communication to members from his garage! At his death, he left a sum to establish an award in recognition of "valor" which usually came down to the recognition of game guards in Africa and Asia who had lost their lives in defense of wildlife and protected areas.

How does the Award work?

Awarded at the WCPA Full Members Meeting at the IUCN World Conservation Congress. Also awarded at WCPA Regional and other meetings, at the discretion of the Chair

Nominations are called prior to meetings and are invited from WCPA Members and others involved with protected areas. Each nomination has to be accompanied by a draft citation of no more than 250 awards which highlights the achievements of the nominated person in relation to protected areas. Additional material which supports the nomination is also welcome.

The selection is made by the Chair of WCPA and the Head of the IUCN Programme on Protected Areas, based on the criteria above

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