• Implement systems to assess the effectiveness of protected area management leading to an improvement in protected area management;
    • Increase the effective application of the IUCN Protected Area Management category system around the world; and
    • Develop methods and tools for setting and assessing Protected Area management standards.

Particular attention must be paid to the effects of global change on protected areas.

Corresponding plans of action must be drawn up and implemented.

Conservation Biology and Restoration Ecology is particularly relevant to protected areas, enabling better understanding of risk and effective prevention and mitigation of impacts.

This body of knowledge along with indigenous and traditional knowledge will be encouraged and integrated into protected area planning and management frameworks.

Targets for 2013

  • Develop guidance and standards relating to ecological restoration, protected area design and other key protected area topics
  • Ensure that at least 50% of IUCN members dealing with protected areas and key partners have assessed the effectiveness of their protected areas management;
  • Ensure acceptance and application of the methods for assessing management effectiveness of PAs by key donors and partners;

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  • Marc Hockings

Strategic Direction Leader

Email: m.hockings@ug.edu.au