Natural resource dependence, livelihoods and development: Perceptions from Kiunga, Kenya

18 November 2008 | Downloads - publication


Numerous marine resource management initiatives have been implemented in East Africa over the last 15
years. However, success has been limited if poverty and natural resource health are used as indicators,
although the capacity to manage marine resources has improved. This study seeks to map coastal peoples’ perceptions of marine resource use and their dependence on these resources, changes in resource status, and what effect conservation and natural resource management have had on coastal peoples’ socioeconomic development, in order to understand the bottlenecks to good governance of common pool marine resources. The Kiunga area in northern Kenya and the Tanga area in northern Tanzania were selected for case study analysis due to considerable conservation and management intervention in these areas over time. The findings of the Kiunga case study are presented herein.