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Amphibians on the IUCN Red List

The first comprehensive assessment of the conservation status of all amphibians was completed as the Global Amphibian Assessment (GAA) in 2004. Since then the data has been updated in 2006 and again in 2008 to include new information and newly described or revalidated species. The assessment of amphibians is ongoing and relies on the expertise of hundreds of herpetologists from all around the world.

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SOS -Save Our Species

Save Our Species (SOS) is a global coalition initiated by the 3 founding partners IUCN, GEF and World Bank to build the biggest species conservation fund, supporting on-the-ground field conservation projects all over the world.

SOS will combine resources and funding experience from the World Bank and GEF (Global Environment Facility), the authoritative science of IUCN and the resources and ingenuity of the private sector to create a mechanism that ensures sufficient funding goes to species conservation projects where and when it will have the most impact.

Amphibians currently being supported by SOS include the Sagella Caecillian and frogs in the Chocó of Colombia.

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