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March 2012


Worrying declines for world’s seabirds

The status of the world’s seabirds has deteriorated rapidly over recent decades and several species and populations are now perilously close to extinction, according to a new review by BirdLife International, a partner of the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. Across the globe, commercial fisheries pose the most serious threat to seabirds. The review reveals that seabirds are now more threatened than any other group of birds. Of the 346 seabird species, 97 (28%) are globally threatened, and a further 10% are listed as Near Threatened. Almost half of all seabird species are known or suspected to be experiencing population declines. The albatross family is especially imperiled, with 17 of the 22 species currently threatened with extinction. Full story  French I Spanish

Albatross in the Pacific Ocean

Mixed Results for Sharks at Pacific Tuna Commission Meeting

Fishing nations of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) have agreed to protect the oceanic whitetip shark based on a proposal from the United States, while an Australian proposal to ban the intentional setting of purse seine nets on whale sharks (to catch associated aggregations of tuna) has been stalled by Japan.  Full story


Whitetip reef shark swimming in the ocean around Rangiroa atoll

Intertidal wetlands in East and Southeast Asia: deskstudy report

 As noted in a previous issue of the SSC e-bulletin, IUCN has recently commissioned an independent desk study that aims to: i) summarize currently available information on intertidal wetlands in East and Southeast Asia, and ii) document the impacts of the loss and degradation of these natural wetlands on migratory waterbirds. This desk study has been requested by a number of IUCN Members, who are concerned that the loss and degradation of this region’s intertidal wetlands is one of the greatest threats facing the planet’s migratory birds. Oversight of this situation analysis is being provided by the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC), in partnership with IUCN’s Asia Regional Office (ARO). If you would like to receive a copy of the draft report, please contact Yvonne Verkuil (yvonne_verkuil@hotmail.com) and John MacKinnon (arcbcjrm@gmail.com). Please note that there is a two-week window for comment, with a deadline of 16 April 2012

Venus shell collecting area in Kapoe Estuary Ranong

IUCN's new Blog

Ever wondered what goes on at big environmental conferences -- what the real issues are and what they mean? What are the experts saying about climate change, the global water challenge, how to tackle poverty? IUCN’s new blog gives the inside track on nature conservation -- a candid view on progress being made -- the highs, the lows and expert insight into what action is needed. With new posts several times a week, written by IUCN staff, Commission members, and other experts, the IUCN blog provides fresh content and a fresh look at the issues and IUCN's work in the wider world. For more information and questions about how you can contribute, please contact Anna Knee

Birds on a wire


FrogLog 101 is now online.  Focusing on Europe, North Africa, and West Asia, a diverse region covered by two ASG regional groups this edition features articles from Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey, Iran, Italy, and Switzerland to name but a few.



 Deer Specialist Group Newsletter 24 (March 2012) is now available for download from the DSG website

Java deers


The Final Report of the Fifth International Tapir Symposium held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in October 2011 is now available for download.

Tapir Specialist Group Conservation Fund (TSGCF) 2012 Funding Cycle Call for Proposals: Deadline 01 May 2012 
TSGCF Grants are restricted to projects contributing to the implementation of actions listed on the Tapir Action Plans (available on the TSG Website here) developed during previous Population and Habitat Viability Assessment (PHVA) Workshops: Malayan Tapir Action Plan 2003, Mountain Tapir Action Plan 2004, Baird´s Tapir Action Plan 2005, and Lowland Tapir Action Plan 2007. The TSG Conservation Fund is no longer restricted to members of the Tapir SG but is now open to all tapir researchers and conservationists.

To submit a proposal, please contact TSG Chair Patrícia Medici and request the TSGCF 2012 application guidelines and forms.  

Lowland tapir (Tapirus terrestris)

Conservation Breeding

Paraiba do Sul River Action Plan: 2nd annual revision

In May 2010, the Chico Mendes Institute (ICMBio) and CBSG Brazil organized a workshop to prepare the first Brazilian action plan on watersheds and aquatic vertebrates (fishes, turtles and crustacean taxa). Forty two participants representing 20 institutions defined the main objective of the action plan to: restore and maintain the endangered aquatic species in the basin of the Paraíba do Sul river in the next 10 years. The plan contains 12 goals and 56 actions; an advisory group is responsible for the implementation of the plan and fund raising projects aimed at completing actions set out in the plan.   On 5-7th March 2012 the 2nd annual revision of the action plan took place.   Overall the advisory committee considered that the Paraíba do Sul action plan is generally being implemented as programmed. The most exciting news shared was that this action plan was chosen to be partially supported by the Paraiba do Sul watershed committee and funding of R$ 1 million (U$ 600,000.00) is being provided. A third annual meeting will take place in March of 2013.  For more info contact CBSG and Conservation Planning sub committee member Arnaud Desbiez adesbiez@hotmail.com 


Butterflies: A Tribute to Alex Kreuzberg

Alexander Voldemar Kreuzberg who died in March this year, was a dreamer and researcher who realized this dream studying the mystery of co-evolution between poisonous plant species and butterflies from Apollo group. Born and brought up in Uzbekistan, after the collapse of Soviet Union Alex was involved in the development of environmental movement in Central Asia, he participated in establishment of the Ecological Forum of Uzbekistan and promoted the application of IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria widely. He will be remembered through his numerous articles and other scientific publications in the area of entomology, environmental protection and sustainable development, and his contribution to the preparation and publishing of the Red Data Book of Uzbekistan (2003, revised 2010).


Bats: A Tribute to Prof. Dr. Irina Kasimovna Rakhmatulina

With deep sadness we have received the information, that on 8 March our dear friend and colleague Irina Kasimovna Rakhmatulina passed away  after a life dedicated to science and bats in particular. Irina worked for more than 50 years at the Institute of Zoology of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. She taught generations of students and her written legacy consists of more than 100 publications including her outstanding monograph “Bats of Azerbaijan”, published in 2005. 


SSC Awards 2012

Over 25 SSC members and Species Programme staff were honoured by SSC Chair Simon Stuart in one of the highlights of the closing session of the recent SSC Chairs meeting in Abu Dhabi. The awards presented included:

  • The Sir Peter Scott Award for Conservation Merit
  • The George Rabb Award for Conservation Innovation
  • The Harry Messel Award for Conservation Leadership
  • The SSC Chair's Citation of Excellence

 Click here SSC Awards 2012 to read all citations


SSC Chairs’ Meeting Presentations

A reminder that all presentations given at the Chairs’ Meeting in Abu Dhabi and the group photo are available for download on the Chairs’ Meeting webpage  The meeting report will be distributed shortly, along with a feedback questionnaire. Many thanks again to all participants who made the meeting such a great success.


New Staff in Cambridge, UK office

Richard Jenkins (Chair of the Chameleon SG) takes on the challenge of the newly established post of Manager, Global Species Programme, UK.  Also starting this week is the  Red List Unit’s new Junior Professional Associate Janet Scott.  Welcome to you both!


IUCN Red List training under the Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme

 A one day training session on the IUCN Red List took place recently at the International Academy for Nature Conservation on the Isle of Vilm, Germany as part of the The Klaus Toepfer Fellowship Programme. Ana Nieto from the IUCN Regional Office for Europe, demonstrated the IUCN Red List and how it can be used for informing national, regional and global conservation decisions. Participants learnt how to apply the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria at both global and regional levels and acquired good understanding of the process by completing a sample assessment of species’ conservation status using the IUCN methodology. Participants also gained insight into how the data on the IUCN Red List and its assessments can be used to promote conservation action. More info

Red List Training, Isle of Vilm Germany

Training Course: Managing conservation projects, 1-5 October, Kent UK

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, based in Jersey, British Channel Islands, has been running conservation projects for more than 50 years. This course, run through its International Training Centre, draws on experience from across the conservation community in how to manage and lead conservation projects, with a particular focus on endangered species recovery. Run in collaboration with management professionals from the University of Kent (England), this five day course draws on the principles of project management theory and the practice of project delivery within the conservation world. By the end of the course participants will be equipped with the human resource management, project planning and evaluation skills needed to design, run and monitor successful conservation projects. For more info visit www.durrell.org/training  or contact Catherine Burrows at catherine.burrows@durrell.org



The CMS Secretariat is pleased to inform you that a call for applications for conservation projects has been published on the Convention’s website.

Le Secrétariat est heureux de vous informer qu’un appel à candidatures pour des projets de conservation a été publié sur le site web de la Convention.

La Secretaría tiene el placer de informar del comienzo del plazo para las solicitudes de proyectos de conservación, publicado en el sitio web de la Convención.




IUCN Netherlands: Purchase of Nature small grants programme

IUCN NL Small grants for the Purchase of Nature (SPN) enables local partners to take direct action and save nature. SPN provides funds for the purchase and protection of threatened wildlife habitats and vulnerable ecosystems. Over 22.000 hectares are secured all over the world. The next call for pre-proposals closes 1st May 2012. More information


II Bongreso Uruguayo de Zoologia, 9-14 diciembre 2012, Montevideo Uruguay

Luego de la exitosa experiencia del I Congreso Uruguayo de Zoología (X Jornadas de Zoología del Uruguay) “Prof. Federico Achaval”, la Sociedad Zoológica del Uruguay se complace en convocar al II Congreso Uruguayo de Zoología que se realizará del 9 al 14 de diciembre de 2012 en las instalaciones de la Facultad de Ciencias, Iguá 4225, CP 11400, Montevideo, Uruguay. e-mail: infocuz2012@altamiraeventos.com
http://www.szuorg.uy   http://cuz.fcien.edu.uy


7th International Moose Symposium, 6-10 August, Bialowieza, Poland

Organised by the Mammal Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences the theme of the symposium is: “Moose in the changing environment”.  Białowieża is located in the centre of the most primeval lowland forest of Europe providing a unique setting to discuss regional and global changes influencing the moose population around the World.More info

A moose in Bowron Lake Provincial Park, Canada

International Conference on Managing Protected Areas under Climate Change, 24-26 Sept, Dresden

The Leibniz Institute of Ecological Urban and Regional Development (IOER) is organizing the International Conference on Managing Protected Areas under Climate Change – IMPACT (24-26 September in Dresden, Germany). More info


Biology and Conservation of Wild Mustelids Conference, 18-21 March 2013, Oxford

Jointly organized by the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (www.wildcru.org) and the IUCN/SSC Otter and Small Carnivore Specialist Groups and hosted by  the Department of Zoology, University of Oxford. Register your interest at mustelid.conference@zoo.ox.ac.uk  

Family of badgers (Meles meles)

'Love And Loss': EAZA Conservation Forum 2012 22-25 May Vienna

The second EAZA Conservation Forum, hosted by Tiergarten Schönbrunn in Vienna, Austria, will take place at the newly renovated Tiergarten Orangerie at the zoo. The three-day conference will be preceded by an EAZA Academy Workshop on 22 May.  More info


Job Opportunity

UNEP-WCMC Programme Officer, Marine Assessment and Decision Support Programme details


IUCN Publications

Click Off the Shelf  to access info on the latest IUCN publications.

In addition, the following have been added to the IUCN collection


>Adaptación basada en ecosistemas : una respuesta al cambio climático (2012)

> Strategic planning for Ethiopian wolf conservation


> L'évolution de la CITES : ouvrage de référence sur la Convention sur le Commerce International des Espèces de Faune et de Flore sauvages menacées d'extinction, 9e edition (10Mb)

> The evolution of CITES : a reference to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, 9th edition (10Mb)



Journal of Threatened Taxa

The 40th issue of the open access, peer reviewed, monthly, international Journal of Threatened Taxa (JoTT) is available online. It includes a reports of the recent SSC Chairs meeting held in Abu Dhabi, and the SSC Invertebrate Conservation Sub-committee meeting held at the same time.




Application of extinction risk and conservation criteria for assessing fish species in the lower La Plata River basin, South America

Baigun et al 2012  Published online in Wiley Online Library wileyonlinelibrary.com DOI: 10.1002/aqc.2223

The Lower La Plata River basin contains between 160 and 260 native species depending on the river segment, with a few stretches containing locally endemic species.  Extinction risk analysis for 185 freshwater fish in the lower La Plata River basin is presented for the first time on the basis of regionally standardized International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List criteria and is compared with alternative methods within the region.


Registration is now open

You can register now for the IUCN World Conservation Congress, taking place in Jeju, Republic of Korea, from 6 to 15 September 2012. Up to 8,000 leaders from governments, the public sector, non-governmental organizations, businesses, UN agencies and social organizations will discuss, debate and decide on solutions for the world’s most pressing environmental and development issues.

The Congress starts with the five-day Forum, a conservation debate hub that is open to all, featuring knowledge cafés, workshops, training courses, poster sessions and five high-profile World Leaders’ Dialogues. The Forum then leads into the three-day Members' Assembly, IUCN's highest decision-making body and a unique global environmental parliament of governments and NGOs. Visit the Congress website for full information on Registration and Forum events.  Français  I  Español

WCC V Jeju

Congress Forum just a few clicks away

Enhance your experience of the Forum and visit the dedicated web-spaces, which have been specifically designed to give easy access to important information surrounding the event. Open to all, this online portal gathers the entire Forum content in one central place. This allows participants to navigate through the many Forum sessions ahead of Congress, identify those they wish to attend and make the most out of their participation. 



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