Amphibians and Reptiles

Orange-eyed green tree frog

Amphibian Specialist Group

Co-chairs: Dr Phil Bishop and Dr Ariadne Angulo
Contacts: Dr Phil Bishop, +64 3 479 7990
Dr Ariadne Angulo

Red List Authority Coordinator:
 Dr Ariadne Angulo

Profile: Download here
Amphibian Specialist Group 
               Amphibian Red List Authority

Anolis gorgonae

Anoline Lizard Specialist Group

Co-chairs: Dr María del Rosario Castañeda and Dr Luke Mahler
Contacts:  Dr María del Rosario Castañeda; and Dr Luke Mahler;

Red List Authority Coordinator: Professor Gregory Mayer 

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Rainbow Boa (Epicrates assisi)

Boa and Python Specialist Group

Chair: Dr Tomás Waller
Contact: Mr Guillermo Puccio  +54 114 515 0152 

Red List Authority Coordinator: Dr Mark Auliya

BPSG Brochure: Download here
: Download here


Chameleon Specialist Group

Chair: Dr Richard Jenkins

Red List Authority Coordinator: Dr Krystal A. Tolley

Profile: Download here

Website: Chameleon Specialist Group


Crocodile Specialist Group (Crocodiles, alligators and caimans)

Chair: Prof. Grahame Webb,
Contact: Tom Dacey: +61 07 4055 3060;

Red List Authority Coordinator: 
James Perran Ross
Contact:  +1 352 392 7137

IUCN/SSC Crocodile Specialist Group Newsletter
Publication: Crocodiles: An Action Plan for their Conservation
News: IUCN/SSC Crocodile SG Articles
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Crocodile Specialist Group


Iguana Specialist Group

Co-chairs: Stesha Pasachnik and Charles Knapp
Red List Authority Coordinator: 
Tandora Grant         Contact:

Newsletter: Iguana Specialist Group Newsletter
Publications: West Indian Iguanas: Status Survey and Conservation Action Plan 
Mailing list: ISG listserv
Profile: Download here 
Website: Iguana Specialist Group

Marine Turtle

Marine Turtle Specialist Group

Co-chairs: Mr Roderic B. Mast and Dr. Nicolas J. Pilcher
Contacts: Mr Roderic B. Mast: +1 202 642 5835; Dr. Nicolas J. Pilcher: +60 88 386136 Joint email: 

Red List Authority Coordinator:
Dr Bryan Wallace

: The Marine Turtle Newsletter
Profile: Download here
Website: Marine Turtle Specialist Group

sea snake

Sea Snake Specialist Group

Co-chairs: Dr Kate Sanders & Arne Rasmussen
Contacts: Kate Sanders, +61 8 83033997, ;
Arne Rasmussen, +45 41701940, 

Red List Authority Coordinator:
Ms Amanda Lane

Profile: Download here

Ghecko head

Snake and Lizard Red List Authority

Chair:  Philip Bowles


Profile: Download here


Viper Specialist Group

Chair: Dr Christopher L. Jenkins
Contact: +1 706 212-0112 ; Fax: +1 706 212-0113 ;

Red List Authority Coordinator: Johannes Penner
Contact:  +49 30 2093 7410

Website: Viper Specialist Group
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