The Chameleon Specialist Group is part of the IUCN Species Survival Commission and is a volunteer member network of dedicated experts who promote, and support, the conservation and sustainable use of wild chameleons and their habitat.

CGS Members

Chair: Dr. Richard K. B. Jenkins (UK)

Red List Authority Focal Point: Dr. Krystal A. Tolley (South Africa)

Dr. Christopher V. Anderson (USA)
Mr. Raphali A. Andriantsimanarilafy (Madagascar)
Dr. Frank Glaw (Germany)
Dr. Legrand N. Gonwouo (Cameroon)
Dr. Michele Menegon (Italy)
Mr. Niels Pedersen (Denmark)
Mr. J. Christian Randrianantoandro (Madagascar)
Prof. Christopher J. Raxworthy (USA)
Dr. Colin R. Tilbury (South Africa)
Prof. Miguel Vences (Germany)