North America

* Outline of six research projects by the US Geographical Survey (by Dr. B. Kynard)
* Population Genetics of Atlantic and Shortnose Sturgeon, Collaboration with Laboratory of Isaac Wirgin, New York University School of Environmental Medicine (by John Waldman)

Western USA

* Sturgeon reproductive physiology research in the laboratory of Dr. Serge Doroshov and Mr. Joel Van Eenennaam, at the University of California, Davis.

Romania (by Dr. R. Suciu)

* Outline of current research projects by the Sturgeon Research Group (SRG) / Danube Delta National Institute (DDNI), Tulcea (Romania)
* Regional Strategy for the Conservation and Sustainable Management of Sturgeon Populations of the N-W Black Sea and Lower Danube River in accordance with CITES
* Sturgeon conservation in Romania and CITES
* CITES Agreement SE Europe on sturgeon

I.R. of Iran (by Dr. M. Pourkazemi)

* Research projects by the International Sturgeon Research Institute