European Red Listing of Orthoptera (ERO)

Coordinators: Baudewijn Odé, Luc Willemse, Roy Kleukers

Red list assessments of the ca. 1000 European species of grasshoppers, crickets and bush-crickets has started in 2011. The red list status of 60 species has been published in 2012 on the IUCN red list. In spring 2013 a red listing workshop was held in Leiden to coordinate the red list assessments of all European species. A lot of issues concerning the red listing of European Orthoptera is discussed on the facebook page of ERO.

South African Red Listing Initiative (SARLI)

Coordinator: Corinna Bazelet

GIS maps for all South African bush-crickets have been created and assessments will be completed during the next two years.

Red Listing of Tanzanian endemic grasshoppers

Coordinator: Axel Hochkirch

The first assessments of Tanzanian endemic grasshoppers have been completed. It is planned to process all 187 species during the next two years.