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Husam El Alqamy

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Husam El Alqamy

I have been working in biological Conservation since 1998. Started as wildlife biologist in the national Parks of Egypt and developed a passion towards antelope species specially dorcas gazelle. I developed a monitoring program for the species that targets its range in south Sinai and provide annual estimates of density using Distance Sampling methods. Also been doing camera-trapping to identify the surviving species of the mammal fauna of Sinai. The findings of this program were used to model the distribution of the endangered Nubian ibex in Sinai. Accordingly core areas and corridors were identified for conservation.

Currently I am working for the Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi, UAE. I am in charge of monitoring the progress and establishment of a newly introduced herd of Arabian oryx. The species is currently dependant on conservation measures but hopefully it will proceed to a surviving free ranging species. The monitoring involves daily ecological observations and genetic investigation to maintain the genetical traits of the founder pool and to ensure a balanced flow to future offspring.

I have recent interest in systematic spatial conservation planning. I hope to be able to use the currently available powerful tools to prioritize the conservation needs in the Arabian Oryx Protected Area in a scientifically sound way that incorporates the biological sensitivities and the interests of other stakeholders without compromising the effectiveness of conserving the natural resources.

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