Who we are?

Melocactus ernestii

Group history

The International Organization of Succulent Plant Study (IOS) has been instrumental in promoting succulent plant conservation mainly through the publication of a Code of Conduct. The IOS Conservation Section provided the basis for the formation of the IUCN/SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group in 1984. The CSSG currently includes among its membership an assemblage of individuals with a diverse array of personal and professional profiles, ranging from plant amateurs and professional nursery owners to professional botanist. Members of the group have expertise in succulent plant taxonomy, ecology, conservation planning and legislation, information management, and propagation.

Tacinga inamoena


The SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group calls for:

  • Field research to support understanding of the taxonomy and conservation status of succulent plants.

  • Increased in situ protection for succulent plant species through the development of protected area networks.

  • Coordinated ex situ protection of threatened succulent species to support the conservation of species in their natural habitats wherever possible.

  • Effective national legislation of all threatened succulent plant species.

  • Effective trade controls for all wild succulent plant species threatened by exploitation for international commerce.

  • Education on the value of succulent plants, and the need for conservation and sustainable use.