Partners & Sponsors


IUCN acknowledges the generous contribution of the following:

  • European Commission
  • European Union French Presidency
  • Ministero dell´Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare (Italy)
  • Obra Social Caixa Catalunya

Antinea Foundation (Switzerland)

Antinea is a Swiss-based Foundation dedicated to raising awareness and building partnerships for marine stewardship. In 2008 they will launch a 10 year exploration circumnavigation around the world on board Fleur de Passion, a 33m sailing and expedition vessel, in order to raise awareness on the need to better protect our oceans. Antinea is specialised in creating innovative audio-visual tools and is using science to connect people across languages and cultures.

Museo Maritim Barcelona

Barcelona Maritime Museum

The Barcelona Maritime Museum plays a crucial role in preserving and divulging Catalan and Mediterranean maritime heritage. Through a comprehensive range of educational programmes and interactive activities, it highlights the importance of man´s link to the sea and vice versa. The Barcelona Maritime Museum is one of the most important museums of the sort in the region, holding the Presidency of the Association of Maritime Museums of the Mediterranean. It will support Sailing to Barcelona by hosting the Welcome Ceremony in its historic premises, and participating with its flagship three-master Santa Eulàlia.

Consorci El Far

Consorci El Far (Barcelona)

This public consortium, made up of the Generalitat of Catalonia, the Diputació and the Ajuntament of Barcelona, as well as the Barcelona Port Authorities, works to link Barcelona’s social, cultural and economic development to the sea. Together with the Foundation for Oceanic Navigation (Fundació per la Navigació Oceánica) they promote the environmental values associated with marine and coastal environments, and support various conservation activities. The Consorci El Far works in different areas, mainly: construction and rehabilitation of ships, educational programmes, nautical projects and coastal management. As organizers of two major sailing events in 2007, the Barcelona World Race and the Tall Ships Race, the Consortium brings to Sailing to Barcelona its unique expertise and experience in coordinating and implementing large nautical events.

Countdown 2010

Countdown 2010 is a powerful network of active partners working together towards the 2010 biodiversity target and beyond. Each partner commits additional efforts to tackle the causes of biodiversity loss. The secretariat – hosted by IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) – facilitates and encourages action, promotes the importance of the 2010 biodiversity target and assesses progress towards 2010.

Nauta Consultants

Nauta Consultants (Barcelona)
Local Coordinator

Nauta Consultants provides advisory services and individual project management for the marine and yachting industries, including extensive and diverse networking capabilities.

  • With the support of the European Commission
  • European Union French Presidency
  • Logo Ministry of Environment - Italy
  • Caixa Catalunya Obra Social