News and reports from the World Conservation Congress

Isabel Novo

Sitios de Patrimonio Mundial: para valorarlos, primero debemos conocerlos

Isabel Novo, Directora de Educación y Ciudadanía de la organización VITALIS, aportó en las discusiones relacionadas con los temas de Patrimonio Mundial. Su organización -miembro de UICN- lleva a cabo proyectos en el Parque Nacional Canaima, en Venezuela. …  

13 Oct 2008 | Video

Election Results

New Commissions Chairs – take your seats

The IUCN election results were announced today, with a new President, Treasurer, Commission Chairs and Regional Councillors all appointed. …  

13 Oct 2008 | News story

Barcelona Congress

Motions passed

The following motions were passed at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Barcelona on Saturday, October 11. …  

13 Oct 2008 | News story

Dr. Robert Goodland

Winners at World Conservation Congress

Two medals and one honorary membership were awarded at the IUCN World Conservation Congress today. …  

11 Oct 2008 | News story

Coral Reef Fish

Reef resilience key to fight climate change

What is the best way to make coral reefs more resilient against climate change? That was the burning issue of the IUCN World Conservation Congress for Dr. David Obura, Director of CORDIO (Coastal Oceans Research and Development in the Indian Ocean) East Africa. …  

11 Oct 2008 | News story

Ladislav Miko, Director responsible for the Natural Environment from the European Commission

Capturing the economic value of nature

 Nature has an economic value. But what are the main findings of the economics of ecosystems and biodiversity report, launched by the European Commission during IUCN's World Conservation Congress? How can we capture the moral need to protect nature? Ladislav Miko, Director responsible for the Natural Environment from the European Commission talks to IUCN web TV. …  

11 Oct 2008 | Video

Anna Forslund, WWF Sweden

Reviving the river dolphin

Anna Forslund, WWF-Sweeden Programme Officer, has joined the IUCN World Conservation Congress to showcase her work in freshwater ecosystems. She says WWF’s work in river dolphins is crucial as there are so few of the left in the wild. …  

11 Oct 2008 | News story

Harsha Kumara Navaratne

Building biodiversity in crisis situations

Rebuilding a country environmentally and socially after civil war and natural disasters is not easy. But that’s what chairman of the Sewalanka Foundation, Harsha Kumara Navaratne, does using IUCN and other partnerships in Sri Lanka. …  

11 Oct 2008 | News story

Julieta Bao Koudenoukpo

Préserver l'environnement avec l'Afrique et non pour l'Afrique: Quatre Ministres Africains proposent leurs vision

Pour la première fois au cours d'un Congrès de l'UICN, six Ministres Africains de l'environnement rencontrent les membres de l'UICN et échangent sur l'expérience africaine quant à la gestion des ressources naturelles, leurs défis ainsi que leurs réussites. …  

11 Oct 2008 | Video

African Ministers

La conservation de la nature dans les programmes politiques des gouvernements africains

Les Ministres Africains de l'environnement expriment ici leurs préoccupations sur le choix qu'ils doivent faire pour que la gestion des ressources naturelles soit une priorité au sein de leurs gouvernements respectifs. …  

11 Oct 2008 | Video

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