Celebrating livelihoods and wetlands in north-east Bangladesh

Last week IUCN staff and the local community joined the festivities of ‘Haor Agro-Economic week-2009’

Community members attend the IUCN Bangladesh stall at the 'Haor agro-economic week" fair Photo: IUCN Bangladesh

Through a co-management project, IUCN Bangladesh staff from the Community Based Sustainable Management of Tanguar Haor Program (CBSMTHP) held an information stall as part of the ‘Haor Agro-Economic week-2009’. Hoar is the local word for wetland.

The event was organized by the Bangladesh Resource Center for Indigenous Knowledge (BARCIK) and Action Aid. It was held from 12-13 of December in the district of Sunamganj, north-east Bangladesh.

IUCN not only displayed an extensive collection of books, publications, posters and stickers, but also exhibited museum specimens to display endangered species, significant to the Tanguar Haor area as well as Bangladesh.
In addition, IUCN also showed a documentary on project activity including institution development, the participatory resource management plan, holding democratic local elections, and the diversity of local water birds.

The District Commissioner (Education) inaugurated the fair and he expressed his full gratitude and satisfaction to IUCN for their participation.

School students and community members were very excited to see the specimens, watch the documentary and view a valuable selection of publications and books provided by IUCN Bangladesh.

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