Country Focus: Denmark

Each month, the IUCN Regional Office for Europe takes you to a new country to explore its biodiversity and learn more about the efforts of IUCN Members, Committees and experts. This month we visit Denmark.

Flowering heather in the moorland Photo: IUCN

The southernmost country of Scandinavia, Denmark is made up of the peninsula of Jutland and 443 islands. Its diverse nature is preserved by a solid commitment of Danish people to conserve this heritage. In 1973 Denmark was the first country in the world to implement an environmental law. These efforts continue today. Denmark hosted the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in 2009 and is at the forefront in Europe for local administrations’ work for biodiversity conservation. More than one fifth of Danish cities and villages committed to concrete action through the IUCN’s Countdown 2010 initiative and are still active today. The National Committee of Denmark gathers nine IUCN Members in the country. Learn more about what Members are working on.

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