Forest Management in Refugee and Returnee Situations: A Handbook of Sound Practice

Author(s): IUCN ; UNHCR
Published: 2005
Forest Management in Refugee and Returnee Situations: cover Photo: IUCN

Gland : IUCN ; Geneva, UNHCR
80 pages: illustrated

Few occasions rival the circumstances experienced in a refugee situation. At the same time, overcrowded refugee camps often have an immediate effect on the surrounding environment. The urgent need for building materials, wood for cooking and heat fuel, natural remedies for sickness and food for precious livestock all have direct consequences on forests and woodlands in particular. Experience shows that much can be done to benefit refugees while caring about the surrounding environment. The use of fuel efficient stoves, for example, can reduce the time people spend gathering firewood, reduce the risk of attack when outside the camp, and reduce the amount of expenditure required if people are obliged to buy wood. These along with other examples and guidelines are found in the handbook.

Note: Includes bibliographic references. French edition also available:
Gestion forestière en contexte d'accueil de réfugiés : un manuel de pratiques rationnelles

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