Linking Poverty Reduction with Forest Conservation: Case studies from LAO PDR

Author(s): Morris, Jason; Hicks, Emily; Ingles, Andrew W.; Ketphanh, Sounthone
IUCN, Asia Regional Office
Published: 2004
ISBN: 2-8317-0856-7
Linking Poverty Reduction with Forest Conservation:  Lao PDR: cover Photo: IUCN

Bangkok : IUCN Asia Regional Office
106 pages : illustrated

This publication comprises two parts:
PART 1: Natural Wealth - a desk study about the opportunities and challenges to link poverty reduction with forest conservation in Lao PDR to help meet national development goals.
PART 2: Bitter Bamboo and Sweet Living - a description of the impacts of NTFP conservation activities on poverty reduction and sustainable livelihoods.

Both studies were conducted as a learning exercise and the findings are being used to improve IUCN's approach to addressing livelihood issues.

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