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Public awareness raising on climate change is essential for the implementation of Viet Nam’s adaptation and mitigation activities.

New IUCN resolution urges stronger climate change mitigation

More than 98 percent of IUCN NGO members and 70 percent of state members voted in favour of a new climate change mitigation resolution. The resolution targets more specific goals and actions on biodiversity, ecosystem services and livelihoods protection. …  

14 Oct 2008 | News story

Aroha Mead, New Zealand

Desde la presidencia de las comisiones

¿Cuáles son los planes de los presidentes de comisión electos durante este Congreso?
Lea algunas de las posiciones e ideas que buscan implementar el grupo que liderará la gestión de las comisiones en los próximos cuatro años. …  

14 Oct 2008 | News story


The voice of IUCN’s members

Is the south well represented in the decision-making process? How important is it to physically meet and expand your network? Is the huge amount of motions working in favour of 4-year programme? Members have expressed their opinion to IUCN web TV… …  

13 Oct 2008 | Video

Mr Atiq Rahman

Swim or sink together

After four reports, 20 years of existence and a Nobel Piece Prize, what are the IPCC members busy with? Are governments doing enough to address the climate crisis? Mr Atiq Rahman, lead author of the IPCC reports launched last year, and Executive Director of the Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies, tells IUCN about the need to work on all levels of society and the danger of failing to do so.

13 Oct 2008 | Video

Members Assembly

Membersʼ Assembly gears up IUCN's direction for the future

IUCNʼs members met to decide IUCNʼs policies, programme and management team for the next 4 years. At the same occasion, IUCNʼs out-going President and the incumbent Director General each reported on their activities since 2004. …  

13 Oct 2008 | Video

Learning Opportunities

Learning opportunities at hand

More than 40 learning opportunities took place at the World Conservation Congress in order to build skills for conservation action through practical and experiential workshops. In this report, you will discover participant’s point of view about this initiative and good news on what will be coming. …  

13 Oct 2008 | Video

Rumbo a Barcelona

Rumbo a Barcelona, una oportunidad para conocer el trabajo de nuestros miembros

La embarcación Marvivamed navegó durante cinco meses por el Mar Mediterráneo, realizando investigación científica, documentando pesca ilegal y concientizando a la gente sobre la importancia de proteger los océanos y las especies que habitan en éste. Hoy, es parte de Rumbo a Barcelona, una iniciativa original que dio voz a proyectos de protección marina de todo el mundo. …  

13 Oct 2008 | Video

Sean Willmore, founder of The Thin Green Line

Taking care of lives of park rangers in protected areas

Sean Willmore, founder of The Thin Green Line tells us about his work in this small NGO which looks after families of park rangers that have been killed. He also announces an agreement with IUCN for joint work. …  

13 Oct 2008 | Video

Isabel Novo

Sitios de Patrimonio Mundial: para valorarlos, primero debemos conocerlos

Isabel Novo, Directora de Educación y Ciudadanía de la organización VITALIS, aportó en las discusiones relacionadas con los temas de Patrimonio Mundial. Su organización -miembro de UICN- lleva a cabo proyectos en el Parque Nacional Canaima, en Venezuela. …  

13 Oct 2008 | Video

Election Results

New Commissions Chairs – take your seats

The IUCN election results were announced today, with a new President, Treasurer, Commission Chairs and Regional Councillors all appointed. …  

13 Oct 2008 | News story