Making blue energy green with E.ON

IUCN’s Global Marine Programme and Energy, Ecosystems and Livelihoods Initiative are initiating research into the ecosystem and livelihood implications of marine-based energy alternatives. This work is intended to inform policy and practice of governments, the private sector and the conservation community and will be supported by the Swedish government and the energy company E.ON.

Marine Photo: IUCN

In accordance with IUCN's Operational Guidelines for Private Sector Engagement (2006), agreements with business entities "should be subjected to risk assessment and due diligence, in order to determine the appropriateness of engagement with a private sector entity, as well as the form that any engagement should take." The results of a preliminary due diligence of the E.ON Group suggest that the potential benefits of engagement far outweigh the risks, and that E.ON is an appropriate partner for IUCN, particularly in the area of building our understanding and knowledge base of energy systems. The due diligence report is available here.

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