Asia is a land full of natural and cultural wonders. But the region faces critical challenges, including poverty, water shortages and climate change. IUCN works with states and civil society in the region to build solutions together.



  • Communities travel to and fro with their belongings between the islands of the Indian Sundarban.

    Community Conservation in the Indian Sundarbans


    In April 2017, Springer Journals published a special edition on Wetland Science: Perspectives from South Asia. IUCN, in partnership with the Sundarbans Biosphere Reserve (SBR), Government of West Bengal, contributed a chapter on Participatory Wetland...

  • Toyota IUCN Red List event

    Highlighting the importance of private sector engagement in biodiversity conservation


    To highlight the importance of private sector engagement in biodiversity conservation and to raise awareness on the species extinction crisis, IUCN and Toyota Motor Corporation have jointly organised a partnership event 'THE ROAD AHEAD: TOYOTA and THE IUCN...

  • Potentail site survey in Stung Sen Core area, Cambodia

    Tapping into sustainable tourism to safeguard biodiversity


    As the sun rises and the flooded forests of Cambodia’s Stung Seng wildlife sanctuary come alive with the chattering and whooping of endangered monkeys with their elegant silvery-grey fur, fishermen from the Phat Sanday commune make their way towards the lake...

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