Response to Flood by Pakistan National Committee (PNC) of IUCN Members

Below is the response to Flood by Pakistan National Committee (PNC) of IUCN Members …  

14 Oct 2010 | News story

Toborochi, Chaco Paraguayo

Autoridad ambiental de Paraguay se integrará al proyecto Gran Chaco

Delegados de la Unión Internacional para la Conservación de la Naturaleza y de la Organización Boliviana Nativa se reunieron con representantes de la Secretaría del Ambiente de Paraguay (SEAM), a fin de ajustar detalles para su integración en el proyecto de UICN Gran Chaco. …  

13 Oct 2010 | News story

Curso de capacitación en gestión compartida de cuencas.

Gobernanza transfronteriza del agua fortalece integración

Funcionarios y funcionarias de alto nivel del gobierno salvadoreño reforzaron sus conocimientos sobre gobernanza de las aguas compartidas en un evento de capacitación facilitado por UICN, en coordinación con el Ministerio de Ambiente y Recursos Naturales (MARN) y el Viceministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Integración y Promoción Económica. …  

13 Oct 2010 | News story

success story of the day: Natureparif

Story featured in the Made in Countdown 2010 publication: Natureparif was the first agency which exclusively dealt with biodiversity conservation at the regional level to join Countdown 2010. The agency is part of the Ecoregion project launched by the Regional Council of Ile-de-France. It gathers local governments, nature associations, enterprises, researchers, the State and the Regional Council, and fosters dialogue between them in order to integrate biodiversity into public and private sectors. …  

13 Oct 2010 | News story

Success story of the day: Natural England

 Story featured in the Made in Countdown 2010 publication: Natural England aims to safeguard biodiversity by protecting the best wildlife sites, promoting the recovery of declining species and habitats, embedding biodiversity into all policy and decision-making, enthusing people, developing the evidence base, and working with others to deliver the agency’s goals. …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story

Sing to the world - Genk

Sign to the world from Genk

Just before the start of the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity (18 -29 October) in Japan, last week an important signal was sent to the world: we need to act for nature! …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story

Planted forest landscape, Brazil

Mitigating the impacts of biofuel production

IUCN and Shell are working with a wide range of stakeholders to gain a shared understanding of how to mitigate the impacts of biofuel production caused by indirect land use change. …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story
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Summit of Mt. Halla

Eleven sites added to global Geoparks Network

UNESCO 5.10.10 - During the 9th European Geoparks Conference on the island of Lesvos (Greece) from 1 to 5 October, the Global Geoparks Network Bureau admitted 11 new members in nine countries. The Global Network of National Geoparks, created under the aegis of UNESCO in 2004, now comprises 77 Geoparks in 24 countries around the world. …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story

Community participation workshop, Morogoro (Tanzania)

The Way Forward for Water User Associations, Tanzania

IUCN together with the Pangani River Basin Management Project and Global Water Initiative partners held a 3 day workshop on sharing experiences around community participation in water resources management in Morogoro, Tanzania from 14 to 16 September. …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story

Diked managed marsh, Sonoma County

Managing Wetlands for Climate Change Mitigation: Towards a greenhouse gas offset protocol for tidal wetlands

Coastal and marine ecosystems constitute an important, but often overlooked ally in the battle against climate change. Tidal salt marshes for instance make up 1-2% of the overall carbon sink in the USA, but coastal wetlands have often been drained, filled and converted to other uses, such as agriculture. …  

12 Oct 2010 | News story