The costly challenge of water and climate change

Financing the water sector in developing countries and the costs of adapting to climate change were under discussion during the World Water Week, which closed in Stockholm on 11 September. …  

13 Sep 2010 | News story

Estándar FairWild, versión 2.0

Estándar FairWild publica nueva versión

La Fundación FairWild lanza la versión revisada de su Estándar para el manejo y comercio sostenible de ingredientes naturales de recolección silvestre para productos alimenticios, cosméticos y farmacéuticos. …  

13 Sep 2010 | News story
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Will Darwall

What lies within

World Water Week traditionally focuses on the management of freshwater resources for human use. In 2010, the International Year of Biodiversity, of all years, we should not forget that many plant and animal species also require freshwater in specific quantities, quality, and at specific times, says Dr William Darwall of IUCN’s Species Programme. …  

13 Sep 2010 | News story

La tierra arrasada - Pacto por la vida

Abierta convocatoria al Fondo de Incidencia en política e investigación ambiental

Hasta el 22 de octubre estará abierta la VI Convocatoria para concursar por el "Fondo de Incidencia e Investigación en Política Ambiental", están llamadas a participar organizaciones de la sociedad civil con sede en Centroamérica y que tengan más de tres años de estar establecidas legalmente. …  

10 Sep 2010 | News story
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Niño en fuente pública de agua

Usuarios del agua comparten experiencias de gestión local

La Unidad de Gestión de Agua de la UICN, en conjunto con el Programa Institucional de Gestión Ambiental Integral (PROGAI) de la Universidad de Costa Rica y el CATIE (Centro Agronómico Tropical de Investigación y Enseñanza), organizó un encuentro en Costa Rica dirigido a los usuarios de agua, con el objeto de compartir experiencias relacionados con el manejo de recursos hídricos. …   | English

10 Sep 2010 | News story

Antarctic Temp Trend 1982-2004

IUCN unites its polar and marine work under one Programme

IUCN is proud to announce the extension of its Global Marine Program into the Global Marine and Polar Program.  

10 Sep 2010 | News story

Thematic Priority Area on the Green Economy | TEMTI

Alejandro Nadal ( IUCN CEESP TEMTI/El Colegio de Mexico ) | Alejandro Nadal, co-Chair of the Theme on the environment, macroeconomics, trade and investment (TEMTI) attended the workshop of the Green Economy Thematic Priority Area of IUCN, in Gland (August 18-19). The main message carried by TEMTI to this meeting was that macroeconomic policies cannot be ignored by IUCN or its commissions. …  

09 Sep 2010 | News story

 Trevor Sandwith, Director, IUCN Global Protected Areas Programme

New appointment to Global Protected Areas Programme

CEESP congratulates Trevor Sandwith on his appointment as IUCN’s new Head of the Global Protected Areas Programme. …  

09 Sep 2010 | News story

Before Image of Risalpur, Pakistan, which suffered severe flooding one year later

Floods in Pakistan: Satellite Images Provide "Before" and "After" Information

Satellite images are used by humanitarian agencies and first responders to plan relief and evacuation activities by comparing “before” and "after" imagery to detect changes to the landscape and infrastructure. From CEC member Nancy Colleton, CEC Specialty Group Leader for Environmental Information. …  

08 Sep 2010 | News story


Revised standards for sustainable management of medicinal plants

Medicinal Plants – FairWild Standard version 2.0 combines ecological, social, and economic good practice principles for sustainable wild collection of natural ingredients for food, cosmetics, herbal remedies and pharmaceuticals …  

08 Sep 2010 | News story